Break room, kitchen, or shared room- whatever you call it in your office, the purpose is to provide a shared space for all the employees to eat, relax, and get relieved from the stress of the work schedule. All shared rooms, regardless of the company or the employees that use them, have one common thing: they are one of the most often used rooms in any workplace.

One room frequently occupied by a large volume of employees guarantees one thing: germs and bacteria growth. During the flu season, germs multiply in number faster. Cleaning it once can’t help get rid of the bacteria and germs. So, you have to make sure to follow a few measures to keep your shared room a cleaner space for everyone.

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Here are a few tips everyone in your office must follow to keep your shared room a cleaner space and hygienic:

Keep Your Hands Clean

Washing your hands is the common cleanliness tip which most of the people do not follow. Most of the people do not wash their hands after using shared equipment, coughing, sneezing. A lot of germs can get transferred from your hands to the things on your work desk. The bacteria and germs can make way to the shared room, where employees transfer them either into their mouth or onto their face. Washing your hands frequently cuts down the spread of germs from different spaces and people. Making use of hand sanitizers in your workplace is one best practice that makes a huge difference.

Pay Attention to the Things Used in the Shared Room

Shared rooms have most extensively used and commonly shared surfaces in the office, such as Doorknobs, handles, furniture, countertops.

Everyone in the workplace shares these spaces. Infrequent cleaning and disinfecting these shared surfaces can let bacteria and germs to grow faster and transfer between employees. Doorknobs and handles are the most commonly touched surface in any workplace, making them one prime area to let the bacteria and germs grow and transfer. Disinfecting the doorknobs and other commonly used things in the shared room is a simple way to keep your shared space a cleaner one.

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Check those Overlooked Spaces

While your shared room is full of commonly used and touched surfaces such as handles and doorknobs, it is the host to many overlooked areas. Sink Knobs, refrigerator handles, microwave buttons are a few of the overlooked spaces that are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria responsible for flu. Get in touch with our janitorial team at Commercial cleaning services Miami to identify those areas and clean them thoroughly apart from including them in their regular cleaning plan.

Clean Spilled Food

Clean spilled food in the fridge, crumbs, old food as they might let bacteria flourish and create harm for your health.