While it is right that every organization, irrespective of services provided or products sold, deserve to be as clean as possible in order to attract and retain clients as well as employees. However, sometimes it is confusing to decide that which aspects need cleaning.

If you are also confused about your janitorial cleaning needs, then refer to the below given checklist and determine exactly what needs to be cleaned on immediate basis and what can wait.


Tables/desks or workstations are also popular touch points, usually occupied by huge number of people in a day. For people who eat lunch at their desks, workstations can be tormented with food scraps and extra refuse, and should thus also be cleaned daily. We recommend daily touch-ups and weekly deep cleans of desks. Of course, kitchen tables must be cleaned daily to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Pantry or kitchen

In many office buildings kitchen is a common break area. This is the space that experiences a huge volume of human interaction all through the day. Due to this reason daily cleaning is recommended.


In any building restroom is an important space, especially if we talk about childcare facilities and offices. As a result, restrooms must be cleaned daily in order to protect users from bacteria and exposure to dangerous bio-hazardous waste. If your washrooms are not being cleaned regularly, it could be a major cause for health issues in your employees.


Windows are vital in all types of commercial spaces. They assist to promote comfort and positivity. Due to this reason windows should be cleaned at least every two months to avoid being fogged up with dust. For retail spaces, windows should be cleaned monthly. If you are located on a street with heavy traffic and dust, weekly is recommended.

vacuum-cleaner (2)Flooring and carpets

Floors and carpets are the number one concern for any type of office space or organization. One common problem with hard surfaced flooring is that dirt and dust are clearly visible. Generally the floors can be first cleaned with a vacuum or microfiber dust mop and then wet mopped thoroughly. For carpets, a program of vacuuming, bonnet clean, and steam cleaning is recommended. VCT floors need scrubbing, stripping and waxing and should be cleaned daily with a Neutral cleaner.

Due to high foot fall in commercial spaces like shopping centers, medical facilities etc. they should have their flooring and carpets deep cleaned quarterly.

While these are only a few aspects of concern for people considering hiring janitorial cleaning services. For all your janitorial cleaning services in Miami-Dade County, Broward County & Palm Beach County, feel free to contact us now.