When it comes to office cleaning, everybody knows the basics: you have to clean the floors, washrooms, restrooms, fixtures, furniture, windows; but what about the walls? Didn’t even think about wall cleaning, did you?

But you should because dust and grime get collected on wall surfaces and overtime walls start appearing dirty. Even the walls that look smooth have a texture and that texture collects and holds onto dirt especially in buildings that are located in the center of the city.

Here are a few reasons you should ask your commercial cleaning company to pay attention to your walls at least every few months.

  • Regular wall washing increases the life of wall paint and wallpaper. By cleaning all that dirt, dust and grime, you assist maintain the integrity of the paint or wallpaper. Probably you won’t have to repaint the walls so often, and the paint will stick better when walls are clean and free of contaminants.
  • Professional wall cleaning will keep your office bright. Most offices use reflected light to assist create an airy feel to improve safety and to decrease the requirement for lighting. Uncleaned walls will eventually collect dirt and prevent light from reflecting off of it, resulting in a dark, dull atmosphere.
  • Wall washing will increase the health/sanitation in your office. Dirt, oil and sweat from hands, environmental pollutants, dead microorganisms, bacteria, dust, smoke etc. stick to walls and deteriorate the quality of the air your breathe. A greasy film develops and worsens over time- something a professional wash with the commercial cleaning service will clean away.
  • Wall washing will enhance the appearance of your office. The first things as soon as one enters the office include the front door, lobby, walls and the overall condition of your office. Walls that are stained or damaged detract from everything else that is “perfect” about this crucial first impression.

Try this trick: Run a clean, dry finger on your wall surface- do you see dirt and dust? Or you can also take a wet paper towel and run it across huge sections of a wall, ensuring you properly touch the surface. Now have a look- do you see all that dirt and dust?

With special tools, cleaners and skills, an experienced janitorial service can enhance the look of your walls, the life of your wall paint and wallpaper and the quality of air you breathe. Professionals recommend wall washing every year, or more often if your office experiences a huge level of buildup.

Pro Facility Services can also help you with wall washing, for more details or to request a quote, feel free to contact us.

Image Source: pixabay.com