Cleaning an office is a tough job, even if you hire commercial cleaning service Miami to handle the complicated jobs that your staff can’t. That being said, it is still vital to keep a commercial cleaning checklist to make sure everything is being done at daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

Not sure what should be on those checklists? Here is a quick guide to assist you organize your commercial cleaning checklists for daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

  • Daily Cleaning Tasks
    Your janitorial service might not be responsible for daily cleaning tasks, but it the responsibility of an office manager to make sure that they get done. Some things that should be done daily include:

    • Empty dust bins and add new lining bags
    • Wipe down surfaces like counters, tables and desks
    • Sanitize all bathroom and kitchen fixtures
    • Wipe down door handles and light switches
    • Vacuum debris from floors around the office
  • Weekly Cleaning Tasks
    Weekly task also include communal sections and personal work spaces, but a cleaning service should focus more on items that can directly affect the health of employees. Additionally, these are the tasks that will make a commercial space more appealing to visitors. Some of these weekly tasks include:

    • Polish and buff any hard flooring
    • Empty out refrigerator
    • Clean windows both inside and outside
    • Clean and disinfect all dust bins, especially the ones in the kitchen area
  • Monthly Cleaning Tasks
    Monthly cleaning list doesn’t include a lot of tasks, because these tasks are ones that don’t necessarily affect the health of employees and visitors. When creating a checklist of monthly tasks, they should include items that are not necessarily visible when you are walking through the office. Here are some of the things worth including:

    • Sanitize tile or hardwood floors and deep clean any carpeting
    • Dust hard-to-reach surfaces like ceiling fans and tops of shelves
    • Clear out all air ducts and vents
    • Clean any couches, lounge chairs etc.

Cleaning your office should be at the top of your list of priorities, as it is where you and your employees spend 8-9 hours in a day. Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours, which means daily, weekly and monthly sanitizing tasks are really important. Regular commercial cleaning will ensure your office environment looks its best and will assist your employees stay healthy and productive.

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