Take a look at your hands, go ahead, take a closer look.

Germs, bacteria and other microorganisms are strewn all over them right now. But, you can ’t see them, can’t feel them, but they are there.

People (even you and me) are transporters of germs. Simple gestures like shaking hands transfer germs from a person to another. With that in mind, now think about medical centers and hospitals.

There is constant shuffling of patients, moving in and out of rooms. Knowingly or unknowingly walking with viruses, germs and infectious diseases. Hospital staff walking in between unsanitized areas touching doorknobs, working on medical instruments, using elevator, shaking hands and more. Visitors also litter medical clinics and centers.

For every person present in the hospital from nurses to doctors, patients and visitors- thousands or even millions of bacteria and germs are exchanged with none of us paying attention. There is no surprise medical facilities are ranked among the 5 germiest places in the world.

As a result, all medical facilities have to do to decrease the spread of these diseases is to find a reliable commercial cleaning Broward company.

The critical areas

Commercial cleaning professionals know there are important areas and items in medical facilities that need more attention during cleaning and sanitation.

They are listed here:

Patient rooms, countertops or sections where patients have been accommodated should get a proper wipe down using an effective disinfectant. Tables, desks, chairs and items like handles and doorknobs also need a major “pat down”.

Hospital bed sheets, pillow covers, gowns and more are passed around to different patients. Commercial cleaning companies pay attention to this. It is easy to overlook such items but proper sanitation and hygiene is essential. Medical facilities need to wash and disinfect these items regularly, especially those used by patients.

Operation theaters or emergency rooms should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Emergency rooms are generally kept sterile to prevent infection from spreading. Emergency rooms usually witness vomit, blood and other unsanitary or unsafe residues like chemical or biological waste.

Equipment for treatment of patients including instruments like sphygmomanometers, X-ray machine, stethoscopes etc. deserve proper sanitation. Disinfection is essential in order to ensure patients don’t take somebody else’s bacteria or diseases home.

Children’s play area or hospital toys for children should also be disinfected properly.

Lastly, waiting areas or lobby in hospitals also need proper attention. This is a section where every person including patient go through.

Just like consulting an experienced doctor during illness, it is essential to use professional commercial cleaning company Broward to maintain sanitation and cleanliness in medical facilities like clinics and hospitals.

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Image Source: pexels.com