It is simple to pick any clean cloth and use it for dusting surface areas. But, usually you have to dip the cloth in cleaning liquid or chemical only to ensure the surface areas you are dusting get perfectly cleaned. Unknowingly, you may end up doing more harm than good to the surfaces you wish to clean. This is where microfiber cloths are very effective for cleaning service West Palm Beach Fl.

Benefits of microfiber clothes for dusting over other clothes

Help decrease cross-contamination

Commercial cleaning service West Palm Beach Fl team is very careful with cross contamination. Microfiber clothes are very effective in preventing cross-contamination particularly in hospital and medical facilities. Cleaning hospital rooms with microfiber clothes can prevent infections from spreading.

Preserves surfaces

You can preserve your interior finishes by using microfiber clothes for cleaning. Microfiber clothes don’t scratch quality surfaces. Before you begin cleaning, ensure your microfiber cloth is free of grit and properly washed.

Use in the bathroom and kitchen

You can use microfiber clothes for dusting stove tops and counter-tops in your commercial kitchen. The cloth’s ability to pick up tiny dirt and dust easily makes it hygienic for kitchen cleaning. In the bathroom, microfiber clothes can be used for cleaning toilet seats, faucet, taps and other surfaces. Ensure to use different clothes for different places in order to avoid cross contamination.

Use for dusting almost every part of your office space

Surprisingly, you can use microfiber clothes for dusting almost any part of your office space. Microfiber clothes as name suggests have very small fibers that can absorb dusts in between two fibers and prevent the dusts from escaping into the air while you are dusting. Also, you can use the cloth for cleaning your appliances and gadgets. Unlike other clothes, microfiber clothes don’t leave marks or scratches on appliances.

Dusting without any cleaning liquid or chemicals

You can use microfiber clothes for polishing and dust removal without using any cleaning liquid or chemical. Microfiber clothes pick up dirt and dust easily leaving surface areas perfectly clean. Most importantly, if you have kids or pets, you won’t have to worry about them coming in contact with toxic chemicals whenever you dust any surface area or appliances in your home.

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