In the cleaning industry, the microfiber technology is the most significant innovation in the previous years. It is a quick and easy way to preserve the environmental resources. The microfiber that is used has benefits that are extended to the wellness of the workers. It also helps the environment by reducing the contribution of waste to the water stream and chemicals that are
harmful. The microfibers are constructed using polyamide and polyester fibers. When the materials are woven together, they make a net-like surface that covers a large space to trap dirt, moisture, and debris. Janitorial Services Miami offers microfiber cleaning services.


The micro fibers can get into the nooks and crevices where the traditional mop fibers and cloth cannot. The component of the fiber produces static charge which attracts the pollutants, pulling them in and trapping them until the pad or cloth is washed. If you want to clean your house or office, you can contact Commercial Cleaning Company.

All the cleaning materials like mops and cleaning cloths have been transitioned to microfiber. The transitioning is in line with the philosophy of using environmental-friendly solutions in the cleaning programs. Post Construction Cleaning Palm Beach can help you to clean your office.

  • The fiber is smaller than a strand of hair. The fibers are woven together to make a net-like surface which traps the pollutants.
  • Less water is used when cleaning using the microfiber mops. It also requires less chemicals to clean well.
  • The microfiber cleaning mops are lighter than the traditions mops made from cotton. The users don’t strain their backs or fatigue from using the mops.
  • It dries faster than the traditional cotton mops.
  • The microfiber helps to remove about 98% of the bacteria from the surfaces.
  • The microfiber can be reused several times after laundering.
  • The fall potential and slip is reduced because the floors dry quickly after cleaning.
These are some of the benefits of microfiber cloths and mops. If you don’t have the tools, you can contact Cleaning Services West Palm Beach.

Tips For Cleaning Microfiber

If you have or want to buy the microfiber cleaning tool for your business or home, ensure that it is cleaned well. The microfiber mops and clothes should be cleaned alone because other materials may cling to them.

Ensure that you use a small amount of detergent or liquid when cleaning because the residues will attach to the microfibers. You don’t need hot water, softeners, or bleach because they reduce the effectiveness of the cloth or mop.

The microfiber cloths or mops should not be dried using high temperatures, because the fibers may melt. High temperatures should be avoided during cleaning and drying processes. So, you only need cool water and a little detergent to clean your tool and dry it at low temperatures.