The season for the spread of flu in schools is upon us, and students and teachers at schools across the country are at a huge risk of infection. Many children are less than attentive about their hygiene, and their classmates and teachers will pay the cost. And, keep in mind that they will bring the germs home with them, affecting their families and friends too. An outbreak at a school will have consequences throughout the community. However, a commercial cleaning company Miami can assist you to keep the germs at bay with a thorough and professional cleaning and disinfection of the school.

Certainly, viruses are inevitable. But with best commercial cleaning practices for school, you can easily prevent the spread of flu.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning surfaces with a disinfectant not just removes dirt and soil from the surfaces but also stops the spread of cold and flu viruses. Schedule a regular cleaning to ensure that the whole school is free of germs. Don’t forget that a virus can live on a surface for up to 48 hours, possibly infecting anyone who touches it and making them ill. A commercial cleaning company Miami can ensure that all of your school’s surfaces are germ-free, protecting your students from the spread of flu in schools.

Disinfect Hot Spots Daily

Sanitizing all of the places that are touched often throughout the day is a key part of protecting teachers and students from the flu in schools. In this list include things like: faucets, keyboards, doorknobs, countertops, desks, phones as well as the bathroom sinks, doors, and faucets. In addition, you should be disinfecting areas like athletic areas (showers, toilets, lockers, and equipment) and cafeteria (chairs, trays and tables). A commercial cleaning company can assist you to create a cleaning plan in order to help you avoid a flu outbreak in your school.

Disinfect Effectively

Simply using standard cleaning products might not be enough to kill germs, especially the more stubborn viruses like influenza A. In order to get rid of these dangerous viruses, one must use EPA-registered disinfectant. Professional cleaners have access to strong disinfecting cleaners, and they will have the ability to use them effectively.

Safely Use Cleaning Products

Disinfecting cleaners are effective, but if they are not used in a right way, they can be dangerous. Many of these products require the use of safety equipment, like gloves and eye protection. In addition, it is hazardous to mix disinfectants and cleaners- it can cause serious injuries. A qualified cleaning service is trained to handle these chemicals safely and they will make sure that your surfaces are germ-free.

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