Every morning you arrive to a clean building- a shining reception area, well stocked and fresh restrooms, no finger prints on the glass entry doors, but shortly the scenario changes. A few dirty hands, coffee cups, even a rainy day and your office building maintenance can easily get deteriorated. Keeping your office looking its best between regularly scheduled evening or morning cleaning services can be difficult, especially in huge, busy offices.

Many facility managers appreciate having day porters services Broward; having a person or team ready to keep your restrooms fresh and well stocked and your facility looking great throughout the day. Day porters help with daytime cleaning tasks, likewise they attend to whatever they can so your office looks just perfect.

What day porter services do?

Mainly, day porters are responsible for completing a number of cleaning and maintenance tasks. These responsibilities usually include:

Reception maintenance

Monitoring and cleaning restrooms

Restroom restocking

Keeping patio and lobby clean

Keeping all common areas clean

Maintaining and cleaning common areas like kitchen and lunchrooms

Removing debris and trash

Clear debris and litter from parking lots and entrances

Clean and maintain conference rooms before and after meetings

Respond to spills and other urgent cleaning needs

Making a day porter work for your office

Daytime cleaning and making the most of a day porter services doesn’t require a lot of planning and communication. When you first implement a day cleaning program, you have to determine how to do it without disturbing business and even keep your office’s occupants updated of changes so you can reduce their inconvenience.

Day cleaning tasks are done in a different way than a morning or evening cleaning crew would do. Advanced equipment is necessary and any disruptive and distracting tasks should be kept for times that are least inconvenient. Similarly, as there are people moving in the facility, your day porter must be careful with obstacles and cords and be cautious with safety signage on wet flooring to reduce the risk of slip and falls.

In addition, the use of green cleaning supplies and low odor cleaners can assist maintain indoor air quality and be careful of employees with allergies. After implementing your day cleaning program, it is recommended that you check in with occupants to see how it is working for them and areas where improvements are required.

Your day porter services must be a good fit

A day porter can become an integral part of your facility maintenance, but it requires a very particular type of person. In order to be successful, your day porter must be able to understand your work environment and its cleaning requirements. A day porter must be a fast learner, friendly and helpful who enjoy his cleaning duties.

Our team can assist you in designing Day Porter services Broward customized to your facility.