We come across numerous myths about the proper care of carpet; it is time to know the facts and clear the misconceptions. People generally feel that carpets should be cleaned as few times as possible. But, it is not true.

Soils are abrasive. Imagine them as little knives or sand paper rubbing and cutting carpet fibers as people walk on the carpet. This causes the fibers to wear out, reducing the lifespan of the carpet. While vacuuming can assist clean dust and debris, it is not sufficient. Eventually hiring professional carpet cleaning Palm Beach services becomes essential.

If you have carpets in your office then it is important for you to learn about the misconceptions, as it will clear your confusion and assist you make an informed decision.

Here are top most common misconceptions:

  • You should only have your carpets cleaned when it becomes necessary (stains are evident) as it can reduce the age of your carpets.

The origin of this myth indicates towards the lack of knowledge. It may seem possible that the typical process of cleaning a carpet could cause “wear and tear”. But it is not true.

In fact, the opposite is true, by avoiding carpet cleaning for long periods, soiling builds to a level that will reduce the life of your carpets. This is because the debris that gets attached to the fibers works as an abrasive and when you walk on carpets the fibers are compromised and wear quickly.

Another important reason to regularly clean your carpets is that professional carpet cleaning is an effective way of keeping your office allergen-free and healthy.

  • All carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning techniques are same
    This is false. While there are some jobs where “dry” cleaning method is a preferred choice, the best results are achieved with hot water extraction. But, it is not just the technique that ensures great results.

The products chosen, the power of the machine used and the experience and knowledge of the cleaner, all play an important role in the results you see when a carpet is cleaned.

  • I can clean my carpets myself and save huge amount of money
    Cleaning carpets is not as easy as it seems. Further, you can’t get the similar results as delivered by professionals.

Carpet cleaning rental machines come nowhere close to the power of a top professional machine. Also, the chemicals don’t provide the similar results. Supermarket rental machines are ineffective and can even damage your carpets.

The lack of power can cause problems like shrinkage and odor because of over-wetting, and by removing stains with inapt chemicals you could actually get your carpet stained, therefore making it hard to remove, even by professionals.

Respected carpet cleaning company has experience and expensive powerful machines to provide satisfactory results. And once you will add up the actual price of hiring the machine, buying the products and the amount of time you will invest, it won’t actually add up to what you thought you would be able to save by cleaning the carpet yourself.

So, don’t believe the misconceptions and hire professional carpet cleaning Palm Beach services to ensure beauty and long life of your carpets. For more details, feel free to contact Pro Facility Services.

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