Finding a commercial cleaning company that best meets your business needs can be challenging. Below are top questions that you should ask any cleaning service you are considering.

  • What Services are Provided?

Below are a few questions you can ask: are dustbins emptied and waste removed from the facility? Will you replace the dustbin liners? Furniture will be dusted? What about the glass or windows? Will you clean the base of your toiler? How about the microwave cleaning? Will you stem clean carpers or deep clean them? Do you also provide floor waxing services? Ask how often all these services are provided.

  • Ask About the Cleaning Products and Supplies they Use?

It is vital to ask this question. Some cleaning companies use harmful and hazardous cleaning supplies that are full of chemicals that are not harmful only to the inhabitants of the facility but also the environment. Make sure that the service provider you hire uses green cleaning products. Also, ask about the cleaning equipment and tools that they will use during the cleaning.

  • Who Will be Taking Care of Cleaning in Your Office?

It is best to know how many people will perform the cleaning services, and who these cleaning experts will be. You should also ask about the job supervisor and take his or her contact number. Don’t forget to ask if the same people will be cleaning your business every time. Ask the Doral commercial cleaning company if they perform background check on their employees and how often the background checks are updated. You don’t want thieves inside your office. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

  • Is the Cleaning Company Licensed to Work in Doral?

Many service providers claim to be limited liability companies or corporations. Verify the legitimacy of any company that you are considering hiring by checking copies of all the relevant and required licenses. You never want to allow anyone into your business that is giving you wrong details or is not licensed to work in Doral.

  • Is the Cleaning Company Insured?

Don’t just ask and believe them when they say, they are insured. Ask for a copy of their insurance policy, and check if the policy is currently in effect. This will ensure that there will be coverage for damage occurring while they clean your commercial facility. When you finally select and outsource a Doral commercial cleaning company, note down their insurance expiration date and check it has been renewed at the right time.

  • Price

Price is the last thing on the list; it should be considered when all other questions have been answered. Never compare a cleaning service based only on the cost. The cheapest doesn’t mean the best value.

By using the above checklist you can improve the chances that you hire a skilled Commercial Cleaning Company for all your business cleaning requirements.