Builders don’t just create a home or office of your dreams, they also produce tons of debris and dust after every construction or remodeling task. So, if you are thinking about moving into your home or office immediately, you might consider postponing it until after you have dealt with the unavoidable construction mess. This process is termed as post construction clean-up.

Post-Construction Cleanup for Broward establishments and facilities is one of our specialties here at Pro Facility Services. Our cleaning crew can clear away all the mess created by your contractors. We will thoroughly sweep your place so you can see the actual beauty of your newly renovated or built space. We ensure that when we leave the property, it is spotless, clutter-free and pristine all set to be occupied.

We provide comprehensive construction clean-up services, which includes the following tasks:

  • Removal of Debris, Trash And Other Left Over Construction Materials

After a construction or renovation project you expect your property to look just wow, but it can’t look perfect unless all the left over building materials are cleared from the surroundings. And Pro Facility Services can take care of that for you. On completion of all building works, our crew will ensure that all unnecessary materials will be cleared so you can plan your move soon without worrying about any safety hazards or disturbances.

  • Removal and Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Construction waste is not always the usual clutter; it can also include hazardous materials like asbestos. If your building has these, Pro Facility Services have you covered. As one of the established commercial cleaning companies in Broward, we can call in our trained handlers to take care of the job and make sure it is handled well.

  • Sweeping and Washing

Dirt and dust can easily spread and stick onto any surface. Once the construction work is complete we will ensure all surfaces including the wall and doors are thoroughly cleaned, and there are no traces of filth. Walls will be wiped down, glass windows and doors will be cleaned and floors scrubbed and swept with the apt cleaning products and methods.

  • Vacuuming and Mopping

Every surface, from hard to reach corners of your property to carpets, will be vacuumed to clean dust. The flooring will be mopped with utmost care in order to ensure that your floors are shinning and bright.

Feel free to contact us today, so we can assist you with your project. We also provide a number of commercial cleaning services including floor stripping and refinish, carpet cleaning, marble and terrazzo polishing, grout cleaning and more.