Disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning agents are essential in commercial spaces to eradicate or kill infection, illness or disease causing microbes. However, the cleaning products may also have harmful and potentially hazardous, side effects for inhabitants and the environment.

The chemicals present in the cleaning products can make their way into the environment- soil, air and water, eventually creating issues for everyone.

Greener, safer products have less effect on the environment

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency regulates and approves disinfectants and sanitizers in the US. Presently, disinfecting or sanitizing agents like bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or (quat) quaternary are the key ingredients of most EPA-registered disinfectants and sanitizers.

Definitely, these EPA registered disinfectants are effective. However, a number of other products are also available that are equally effective, as well as produce fewer emissions or residues, like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have less effect on the environment.

Best disinfection tips

Try using disinfectants and sanitizers only when needed. The overuse and misuse of disinfectants is a serious public health and environmental issue. Researches show that the use of common disinfectant products creates microbes that can change into superbugs. Superbugs are strains or forms of microfibers that are more resistant to particular type of antibiotics and disinfectants.

Clean any soil from the surface before using disinfectants of any type. A clean surface is vital even if you are using “one-step” disinfectant cleaners.

Make sure that the disinfectant is apt. EPA registered disinfectants are not effective on all type of bacteria and germs. Thus, when it is essential to use a disinfectant, make sure that on the label it is mentioned that the product is effective in killing particular type of microbe. Say, for example, there is problem about H1N1 virus, make sure you choose a product that claims to kill the H1N1 virus.

How to use standard disinfectants?

Use more neutral disinfectants that have pH value closer to 7. This type of disinfectants decreases the risk of skin and eye irritation if at all they come in contact with the skin of users.

Make sure you read and follow the instructions given on the product level.

Don’t use stronger disinfectant. The use of disinfectant with higher pH value would result in more adverse environmental consequences.

If you are finding all this too confusing and troublesome, then the best way to disinfect your commercial space is to hire reputed janitorial services Broward and let the professionals do all the disinfecting work for you.

Image Source: pixabay.com