Cleaning a residential property is one thing, commercial cleaning is quite another. To begin, the area to be cleaned is magnified many times over. Additionally, equipment, warehouses and other aspects are present in commercial facilities that are not available in most homes. One area that is especially important to address is the commercial bathroom, which may include several stalls.

Keeping commercial restrooms clean assists control the spread of germs. No one wants to get sick at work from using the restroom. Office cleaning Broward companies train their professional team of cleaners in the right approach of cleaning office restrooms so that the area looks clean and remains sanitized. It is true that when a cleaning service takes the time to properly train its staff, this is reflected in sanitary, sparkling washrooms.

While cleaning the restrooms, professionals do dry cleaning tasks before wet ones and clean in high to low manner. As part of their daily cleaning responsibilities, they disinfect toilets, urinals, countertops, handles, door knobs and light switches. They use separate sponges or cleaning rags for urinals and toilets so these area won’t contaminate the other surfaces in the washroom.

If there is standing water on the floor or on the countertop, it is mopped. Daily floors are swept and mopped with a disinfectant solution. Bathroom cleaning equipment are especially reserved for bathrooms and not used elsewhere like in lobby or kitchen because germs can spread. Can liners or bathroom garbage bags are replaced daily and the container is sanitized. Hot spots like door knobs, taps and handles that are most touched by users are disinfected.

Commercial cleaning Broward companies know that bacteria are generally causes bad odor in the restroom. When the area is odor-free, they know no bacteria are present. Preventative methods like using anti-bacterial cleaning solutions or room spray are usually taken to keep the area germ free until the cleaners take over again on the cleaning. Bathroom is one area where the work is never finished, because it is constantly in use. However, it is better to keep a washroom clean that allow it to get dirty and risk infection of employees.

Before hiring an office cleaning Broward company, business clients should inquire about the bathroom cleaning process. Some companies use advance cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaners that give best results. For office cleaning in Broward, feel free to contact Pro facility Services. Our services are effective and reasonable.