Cleaning sounds like a simple, until you actually start doing it. Then you realize there are so many things that you need to take care of. This is the reason why many people prefer outsourcing their commercial cleaning needs to commercial cleaning company in Miami Springs.

But, even commercial cleaning companies are not free of mistakes. As a result, when using commercial cleaning services in Miami Springs, it is important to be aware of the mistakes cleaning companies do.

To help you, here we are listing some of the most common mistakes that these companies need to prevent.

  • Use the Wrong Cleaning Equipment

Are they using the right vacuum attachment to vacuum your floors? A wrong attachment means scratches on your floors. Not using the right attachments can cause a lot of costly damage. If you notice scratches on your floors report it immediately to your cleaning company.

  • Use the Wrong Cleaning Products

This is a blunderous mistake. Using wrong chemicals on floors or carpets or any other surface can spoil them. Always ensure you know on what type of surface you will be working and the chemical that will be right for the same. Say, if we talk about the floors then find out whether it is the marble floor or linoleum tile. Both of these are cleaned with different chemicals. Read the instruction on the chemical carefully before using or you can also consult the store owner at the time of shopping for the cleaning products.

  • Use Dirty Cleaning Tools

Does the cleaning company take care of the cleaning tools? Do they wash the mops and rags? Cleaning with dirty tools only spreads more germs and can be hazardous. Do they use the same dirty rag that they used to clean the floor to clean the kitchen platform? Ensure the cleaning service properly labels their cleaning supplies and use color coded microfiber clothes. It is important to be careful with cross contamination.

Cleaning companies should thoroughly train all their cleaning staff. If the cleaning staff is not trained and you see crew of your cleaning company commit such mistakes then it is time you reconsider their services.

Pro Facility Services has well trained cleaning team. We focus on providing the best cleaning services without committing any mistakes. Contact us now to request a free quote.