Many people take a bottle of cleaner and start spraying down everything they see and then wipe it off instantly without reading any labels. While some cleaners are great at a particular job, they might be awful at another. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a cleaner for every little job, but there is no universal cleaner either. There are many misconceptions about cleaning and by learning about the myths behind cleaners and cleaning methods can assist get your office shining and germ-free.

  • Steam cleaning your carpet can cause it to mold and stink

Myth: Steam cleaning is not good for your carpets
People usually worry about their carpets smelling moldy after getting them professionally cleaner, but there is nothing to worry about when hiring reputed carpet cleaner to clean your commercial carpets. Stem clean is healthy and completely safe for your floors.

  • If it smells clean it must be clean

Myth: Fresh smell means no germs
It is not true. You will be surprised to know that after scrubbing down a bathroom with a homemade cleaner, the bathroom is both odor and germ free. So, the safest clean can be completely odorless.

  • All “green” labeled products are safe for all surfaces

Myth: “Green” label doesn’t guarantee that a product is safe for all surfaces
It is important that you read the back of the label when buying a product to find out about its safeness. However, remember that sometimes not all the ingredients are listed. For this people hire Doral Commercial Cleaning Company to ensure completely green and effective cleaning for their workspace.

  • Vacuuming if done frequently, wears out your carpet

Myth: Don’t vacuum carpets daily to increase their life
This is a wide-spread myth, and the fact is completely opposite. The best thing for your carpet is to vacuum, vacuum and vacuum. It removes dust avoiding chances of allergy or irritation.

  • Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and cleans germs better than other cleaners

Myth: Vinegar cleans everything
It is a myth. Vinegar assists in removing junk and guck off surfaces, but it doesn’t kill germs. So, if you have been using vinegar to clean your office surfaces as an effort to save a few bucks, then you need to rethink your cleaning practice.

  • Bleach is the best cleaner for all surfaces in a home

Myth: Bleach is the best product to get rid of mold.
It is not true. In fact, it is bleach is proven to be one of the worst products to remove mold. Also, bleach lack as one-in-all cleaner, but it can be very dangerous to use often.