Daily cleaning and disinfection is required to maintain clean facilities. However, cleaning professionals generally use improper processes and techniques when cleaning your commercial space. A common misconception exists that cleaning and disinfecting are the same, however actually they are two different and unique processes. Without the apt process, the surface may look clean, but germs and infections could stay. When hiring commercial cleaning services South Palm Beach, it can be helpful to know about the differences between cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

By definition, cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes. Cleaning removes visible dust, dirt, soil, stains and other debris from surfaces. Cleaning generally involves wiping surfaces with soap and water or cleaner. Disinfecting takes cleaning a step further by killing germs, bacteria and viruses. As a result, specifically designed chemicals are used for disinfecting.

  • Knowing the surface type is important: Before starting to clean or disinfect an area, determining the types of surfaces to clean and disinfect is important. Touch points include objects that people touch on a regular basis, like a desk surface, telephones, locks, soap dispensers, door handles etc. These surfaces need daily cleaning in order to prevent germs from spreading. Additionally, consider the specific cleaning needs of the facility. Different types of facilities and surfaces need different levels of cleaning. For example, in washrooms counters, sinks, door handles and soap dispensers should be cleaned as well as disinfected to remove bacteria from surfaces. In retail or grocery stores- windows, counters, stores, glass displays and surfaces are cleaned using glass and multi-surface cleaner.
  • Right products are essential: When cleaning or disinfecting, the most effective products should be used if efficiency is a concern. An ammonia-free glass and multi-surface cleaner with a high cleaning chemical concentration and Green Seal certification provides great results and has a low odor as compared to other similar products. For cleaning and disinfecting, a heavy-duty and non-acid washroom product will kill germs and decrease odors. Professionals also use effective and advanced equipment and machineries to remove germs and bacteria from your facility.
  • Clean, then disinfect: Remember that the order of tasks affects the end result. To effectively clean and disinfect, commercial cleaner first clean the surfaces to remove dust and debris. Once the surface is clean, it is disinfected. Chemicals used for disinfecting purpose should be given sufficient time to dwell. Only spraying and wiping doesn’t give the chemical the time it requires to effectively removing germs from surfaces. Professionals also use advanced cleaning equipment like Verilux Wand. The Verilux Wand disinfects areas that are difficult to clean with traditional methods using UV-C light technology.

Properly cleaning and disinfecting results in surfaces that not just look clean but are also free from any germs. It also assists decrease the spread of germs and viruses throughout the commercial space, protecting your employees.

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