Let’s face it: cleaning your office is not all a fun task even when the circumstances are most appropriate. Add in a thick layer of dust, pieces of plaster, excessive waste and all of the other messy bits that come along with office construction project and you will in trouble. You can try to handle this mess with your typical tools of choice (paper towels, soap, vacuum etc.) but we wouldn’t recommend it. Construction mess is the messiest of all. Even if you go with full dedication and put in all the efforts, you will unavoidably end up frustrated if you use basic cleaning supplies. You need specialized cleaning tools to handle construction mess.

So, what options you have? Well, you can either rent or buy some heavy-duty cleaning supplies and equipment or contact a professional cleaning company with experience in post construction cleanup.

Let’s suppose you choose the DIY option. What can you expect?

  • Cleaning: Generally carpets and upholstery are covered during renovation, however some of that annoying dust will unavoidably find its way under the wraps and covers. So, be ready for some carpet and upholstery cleaning. As well as windows cleaning and general dusting and scrubbing.
  • Trash: After a major project, you will be left with a huge layer of trash. Expect a lot of transporting, hauling and bagging. If your local trash company won’t pick up such a heavy load, you may need to hire a service provider that specializes in construction waste management.
  • Dust: If this is your first time dealing with post construction cleanup, you will definitely be shocked looking at the amount of dust. If this is a big renovation, you won’t find a space not covered in debris and dust. To handle such heavy amount of dust you will need a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Vacuum every corner, remove dust from every surface with a wet cloth and then repeat the same a few more times to ensure there is no dust left anywhere.

When you look at post construction cleanup in three steps, the task doesn’t sound that bad, but the size of your project and the amount of work done will significantly affect the magnitude of clean-up. You should be ready to spend days or weeks in cleaning up.

Honestly, managing your work during construction project is complicated enough. Why take more stress and trouble? By hiring post construction cleaning services, you will be able to start your business operations fast without worrying about buying or renting HEPA-filtered vacuums, cleaning upholstery and getting rid of all the trash. Such a relief!

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Image Source: pixabay.com