Educational facilities like schools and dormitories benefit from a commercial cleaning service that has the experience and skills to do the work thoroughly and professionally. From classrooms to washrooms, student’s and teacher lounges, cafeteria and everything in between, you need a commercial cleaning company that can help keep your educational facility clean, hygiene and comfortable for students, teachers and guests alike.

One of the most complicated spaces to be kept clean and dirt free is all types of floor. In schools there is a lot of foot traffic from students, teachers and visitors. This creates a safety hazard during an emergency. By ensuring the floors are free from debris and clean, there will be significantly less accidents of people slipping on floors and falling.

Commercial floor cleaning

You need to choose a commercial cleaning service Miami Springs that has the experience as well as the right set of equipment to do a thorough, professional work on both hard surface floors and carpeted floors. Both types of floors required specialized cleaning products and techniques.

Hard surface floors, particularly in high traffic areas like schools, have special cleaning requirements. They tend to scuff, get sticky and create a film that makes the complete floor look dirty. Periodically, you must get these floors stripped, scrubbed and waxed. This includes any grout, edging or spaces.

Carpeted areas need a completely different cleaning routine. Carpet is an important investment and if not cared for well, you will have to replace it more regularly than would be necessary with professional regular cleaning. With simple vacuuming it will start to look dirty really soon. As a result, routine shampooing and thorough cleaning is important to get the deep rooted grime and germs out.

At Pro Facility Services, we use eco-friendly disinfectant, mold/mildew inhibitors and deodorizing agent for carpets that does a great job of keeping your carpet clean and looking like new for longer.

Cleaning for dormitories

Dormitories or dorms must be kept clean and tidy, especially social areas that are accessible to everyone. Pro Facility Services can do thorough cleaning of dorms and also routine cleaning all through the session.

A dirty school and dorm leads to sickness and missed classes, so having a professional commercial cleaning company come in at regular intervals can help reduce sickness and absenteeism.

So, don’t take cleanliness and health of your students and faculty lightly, ensure complete sanitation and hygiene with Pro Facility Services.

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