Hotels are like temporary homes for travellers whether they are travelling for business or leisure. If these facilities are dirty and unhygienic, guests are sure to complain and are not likely to become repeat customers. To keep hotel guests coming back, some hotel chains use commercial cleaning services. Professional cleaners take up the role of the housekeeping staff and address everything from simple to complicated issues.

Hotel Management continuously focuses on the cleanliness, security and safety of the facility. They either hire in-house team of cleaners for maintaining the appearance of the hotel or outsource the clean work to a commercial cleaning company. Cleaning company workers are knowledgeable about the industry standards. From helping you keeping hotel rooms, lobby and reception area clean to janitorial services that include specialized tasks like pressure washing, they provide comprehensive cleaning solutions. They work within the time-frame and the hours selected by the hotel management in the written cleaning contract.

Included in commercial cleaning services are cleaning reception area, restrooms, floors and carpets, trash pickup and dusting surfaces and other items. The team of cleaners ensures that every nook and corner of your facility is clean and presentable, to ensure that clients don’t feel unwelcomed or deter due to uncleanliness. You can also inspect the work to ensure that cleaners are doing their work right. Any inefficiency found should be immediately addressed to prevent guest complaints.

Hotels see a lot of traffic; as a result, basic cleaning is not sufficient to maintain their appearance. It is simple for tile grout to get dirty in hotels. Mold or mildew can create grout stains in washrooms and food stains, mildew, grime and excessive use can make kitchens grout dirty. Commercial cleaning services like tile and grout cleaning can make these areas look new again. These companies provide a number of cleaning services including but not limited to: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, marble and terrazzo polishing, floor stripping and refinish, pressure washing and more.

Using commercial cleaning services rather than in-house team of cleaners is something hotel management should consider. Usually, it is a more cost-effective technique to keep the hotel clean. Professional cleaners can do the roles of both housekeepers and faculty janitors giving twice the bang for the cleaning costs.

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