As one of Miami-Dade’s most experienced and dedicated commercial cleaning services, we can tell you about the negative effects debris, dirt and dust can have on your facilities, machines and even your staff members. And even though a clean work environment can certainly increase employee health, efficiency, safety as well as equipment longevity, there are definitely other advantages to keep your office space clean.

Apart from the instant benefits mentioned above, a clean office space can assist create a positive, lasting impression on your clients. For example, if your company has a lobby or a waiting room, what type of first impression do you want to create? Do you want your office to look professional, clean and organized? Or you want to give out an impression of disorganized, messy and dirty office? We believe you chose the first one.

When we are talking about creating a good first impression on your clients, a professional looking, clean office can make as great of an impact as your services/products/staff. That being said here are top simple ways you can make a great impression in your client reception area.

Focus on high traffic areas

As the name indicates, high traffic areas are areas in the office that see more foot traffic as compared to other areas all through the day. With your lobby being the key spot where people enter and exit your office, chances are it is one of the most high traffic areas of your facility. Consequently, the carpet and floor in your lobby collect even more dirt and wear a lot faster as compared to other areas. To make sure you make the best impression, ensure you clean high traffic area more regularly than others.

Get entrance mats

When considering protecting your floors and carpets from dirt and other debris, one of the best techniques is to get entrance mat for your lobby. Entrance mats are great for trapping dirt, debris and moisture carried in with the shoes of the outsiders, preventing these things from reaching to the carpets throughout your office. Not only will these assist protect your carpet and keep it clean, but definitely mats can also be customized with the logo of your company.

Dusting is important

Keeping the fixtures in the lobby of your business (lamps, stands, tables etc.) clean and free of dust is important to make a good impression. Dust fixtures and furniture are easily noticeable. This is especially correct when clients spend long hours waiting in your lobby area. To ensure that your eagerly waiting clients don’t remember your office for how dirty it was, keep the fixtures in your lobby area dust free and clean.

Wash your windows

Windows are an effective source for brightening up your office space with natural light. However, when they are dirty and smoggy, not just the light gets affects but also the dust, smudges and other marks are clearly visible. And trust us, those aren’t the type of things your clients are hoping to see through your office windows. Try to keep your business looking professional and attractive by regularly cleaning your office’s windows, especially those in high traffic areas.

Creating a great reputation for your company is not an easy task. However, ensuring your lobby is well cleaned is a great first step. Not only clients notice a well-organized, professional aesthetic to your office space, but you can also save on long-term replacement prices. Talk to the cleaning experts at Pro Facility to know more about professional commercial cleaning services and its advantages.

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