It can be challenging to maintain the cleanliness of a commercial space due to the size of the area. However, maintaining a commercial space should not be an issue. You can always hire professional commercial cleaning Miami Lakes services to help you get the job done.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are many areas though that you should focus on to ensure proper and full maintenance. Here we are listing top areas that need utmost attention.

Hallways/ Lobbies

Hallways and lobbies experience the most foot traffic in a commercial facility. These areas are highly prone to dirt and contaminants as people frequently enter and exit the place. Among other areas, hallways and lobbies need regular cleaning not just for sanitation purposes but also to ensure the safety of residents.


When it comes to commercial cleaning Miami Lakes, lifts need just as much attention. They are breeding grounds for germs and other harmful organisms. Remember that they are enclosed areas that are usually occupied by many people. Some of the users may cough or sneeze then touch the buttons. Imagine all the hands pressing the buttons or touching the surfaces inside the lift. Due to this reason, cleaning lifts should be an important part of the regular office cleaning services that are provided at your commercial facility.


Other than lobbies and hallways, staircases also experience a great amount of foot traffic. Staircases can easily get dirty overtime and can compromise the safety of the facility. For example, if somebody mistakenly splashes or spills liquids on the steps, they can get slippery and be prone to falls and slips. As a result, they should be cleaned regularly, ensuring they are clean, dry and free from anything that might cause accidents.


If driveways are dirty, then there is no sense how much you clean the facility inside. When people will walk all the way through driveways into your office, your office floor will surely get dirty and dusty. Driveways must be routinely cleaned and swept thoroughly, not only to remove dirt or mud but also to get to remove unwanted objects that could possibly damage tyres. If construction work has been finished recently in the facility, the space could be strewn with construction debris or small objects like screws, bolts and nails that can puncture tyres. So, it is important to rid your driveways of all these harmful objects.

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