When clients ask us, how often they need our commercial window cleaning services, our answer is always same: “it depends”. Your facility is what welcomes clients and prospects, and it is what gives a first impression- it can be good or bad. This is the reason why it is vital for businesses to keep their commercial windows clean. Some windows, however, attract more dirt and require professional cleaning more often.

While there are no hard and fast rules, many things effect how often you have to get your commercial windows cleaned, including:

Location: Windows of commercial facilities located on busy streets and highways get dirty a lot faster as compared to those located in quiet suburban with low traffic.

Landscaping: If there are trees around your office or it is located alongside a parking lot, you may need more frequent cleaning due to the debris in the air.

Weather: If it is rainy season or if storms have led to leaves and debris everywhere, you may need a commercial cleaning company to wash the windows more frequently to remove dirt and debris.

Structure: It is true that an indifferent building design assists a commercial facility to stand out, some building facades, like inset windows are more prone to collecting dust and grime. One of the major factors that assists decide how frequently your windows should be cleaned, is the type of business you own.

Below is a basic guideline to assist you decide, how frequently your type of commercial facility needs its “windows” professionally cleaned.

  • Retail Stores

Businesses with heavy foot fall normally need window cleaning once in a month. You want passerby to get a view of your products that are on display in your storefront windows, not the dirt.

  • Healthcare Facilities

This includes hospitals, clinics, offices of physicians etc. These facilities must be spotless and well-maintained. Windows, especially on the ground floor and on floors with treatment rooms or patient test rooms, should be cleaned once in a month. Windows of waiting rooms should be cleaned daily or weekly, depending on the count of visitors. A well-kept look gives patients’ confidence that they will be treated well.

  • Restaurants

Due to the moisture and grease present in the air, commercial cleaning companies suggest that restaurants should get their windows cleaned almost every 15 days, if not more. The windows should be cleaned from both the sides. The types of guests who visit your restaurant can also assist determine the requirement for more regular cleaning. For example, if we talk about a family restaurant, then small children may also come and with them, comes sticky fingers. Fingerprinted, dirty, grimy windows are quite unhygienic and give a poor impression about the quality and cleanliness you maintain in your restaurant.

No matter what type of business you own, Pro Facility Services can be your reliable Commercial Cleaning Company for not just window cleaning but comprehensive cleaning.