Keeping your tiled surfaces clean is important for maintaining a healthy and safe office environment. The tiled surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens (pantries) in particular are the ideal places for mold and fungus to breed in. These germs potentially breeding in your tiled surfaces can reason for many types of contagious infections like the common cold, flu and enteritis. Keeping tiles clean and sparkling can seem like a challenging job, because other than dirty or stained tiles and mold growth on grout, there are many more tile-related issues one can face.

Below are the most common tile and grout issues and how can fix them.

  • Greasy and Dirty Tiles

It is unavoidable, tiles will collect dirt, dust and grime. Porous tiles easily start looking stained. Textured tiles on the other hand, retain dirt particles in the surface of the tiles, so are easier to maintain. Thankfully, with the correct cleaning processes and products, floor care experts can easily give your tiles a new like, shinning look.

  • Mold

Mold in bathroom tiles is probably the most common tile problem. The bathrooms seem to provide the perfect environment for mold growth. The reason is simple, wet and humid area with poor ventilation offer the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once mold develops in porous grout joints, it can’t be removed with any amount of scrubbing. Using chemicals to remove the mold won’t help either; they will only damage the grout which can cause more damage. For mold removal, hiring professional Commercial Cleaning Broward company is suggested.

  • Dirty and Stained Grout

This might sound surprising but dirty or stained grout is usually caused due to the cleaning process. This is because grout joints are slightly lowly placed than the tiles, so dirt and grime are pushed into the grout joints when cleaning or washing tiles. As grout is porous, it can stain immediately and usually permanently. Professional floor care by commercial cleaning company Broward is essential to keep them looking new.

  • Stains and White Residue on Tiles

It is very common to see stains or white residue on tiles. When water enters below the tiles and the minerals in the water crystalize, it leads to white stains or residue showing on the surface of the tiles. This is called as Efflorescence. Removing these unattractive white stains and residue can be challenging and tiring, so it is best to hire services of office cleaning Broward experts. Avoid using a DIY treatment because using the wrong chemicals on tiles and grout can create more problems.

If your tiles and grout need a thorough clean, feel free to call us.