Commercial restroom cleaning is indeed a dirty job. So, hiring professionals to keep your office restrooms and building restrooms in fresh, clean condition for the benefit of team members, visitors, clients and the overall positive image of your office. But, what is the right way to evaluate your restroom cleaners? How you can decide what your service provider is and is not doing? How to decide what your restroom sanitation service should be doing? Worry not, here we will be discussing all these and many more such points related to your commercial restroom cleaning company.

What your commercial cleaning company should be doing?

One of the many challenges in getting efficient restroom cleaning services is how do you know what the best restroom cleaners look like if you have never worked with one. Great janitorial companies certainly do something different to carefully maintain restrooms, but what exactly do they do? Proper restroom sanitation depends on a number of factors from cleaning for hygiene to health that makes all the difference in just looking clean and being actually clean. The best commercial cleaning companies can provide constantly clean restrooms that look clean, smell fresh and provide a micro level of clean that will decrease the spread of illness causing germs in your office. Germs that cause diseases increase absenteeism, decrease employee productivity as well as increase employee turnover.

Here is what well maintained office restrooms look like:

  • Thorough cleaning of high contact “touch points” and “hot spots” is done to decrease the spread of illness causing germs where it is most required.
  • Hygiene dispensers for females are cleaned, disinfected and restocked with new liners put in place when required.
  • Urinal handles are cleaned and disinfected with urinal screens cleaned and blocks replaced.
  • The toilet and toilet seats are disinfected, cleaned and wiped dry.
  • The mirrors should be clean, shiny and free of smudges and streaks.
  • Areas behind toilets and other difficult to reach but important areas are properly cleaned to decrease odor.
  • Regular restocking of essential supplies like paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper are done.
  • Garbage and sanitary disposal bins are emptied regularly
  • Fixtures like paper dispensers, dryers and more are regularly inspected to confirm they are working properly.
  • Restroom partitions and stalls are free of grime, fingerprints, and foul smell.
  • Restroom floor drains and grout are perfectly clean.
  • Air vents get a regular dusting or vacuuming.
  • All restroom lighting is functioning.

Your office restroom and commercial restrooms are an important part of comprehensive health and image of your business and facility, so make sure you hire the best commercial cleaning company in Broward County.

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