Urban legends or popularly termed as urban myths come from many sources- our friends, neighbors, relatives and now the internet. You might even hear them around your office.

How many of the following myths do you believe?

  • Wet Head

It is very common for people living in colder regions to hear their mother ask them not go outside in the col with a wet head as they would fall sick. Another surprising thing is that around 40% mothers still believe it to be true. Rest assured, the cause of flu and cold is germs and not a wet head. If there are germs in your office or work place then you must worry about getting sick.

  • Dog vs. Germ

Many people have said that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, which lead to the belief that if a dog licks a human’s wound, it would disinfect it. It is true that “antibacterial compounds” are present in your mouth, it is not known if dog saliva has similar compounds too. Your best bet is to ignore any such belief and clean cuts right away and see a doctor to avoid any type of blood infection or more serious issues like rabies.

  • Germ Fighting Onion

Some people believe that by keeping sliced onions in their surroundings they can keep flu virus away. Also, it is believed that onion absorb germs from your surroundings. This tale dates back to the 1500s when onions were believed to protect people from the bubonic plague. The only facts we know about onions is that they make your food more flavorful, make you cry and cause bad breath.

  • The 5 Second Rule

Many people believe that when you drop food on the floor, you can still eat it, if you pick it up before the 5 seconds are up. In a recent study it was found that 81% of women said that they follow the 5 second rule and eat food dropped on the floor. There are differences in surfaces and germ transfer; however carpets transfer fewer germs than laminated and tiled surfaces. Irrespective of the type of surface your cookie or chip fall on or how much cleanliness you maintain, throw away the dropped food.

If you hear anyone telling about their amazing secret to staying germ and flu-free, don’t believe it blindly. Always keep in mind that germs spread and only regular cleaning can help you stop them from spreading and causing serious health issues. As a result, ensure that you practice effective ways of germ prevention around your office.

Wash your hands, keep your desk clean, stay home when unwell and if your office suffers from a serious case of the sniffles, get in contact with us. Our janitorial cleaning program is just right for commercial spaces and offices. We have been providing janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Miami-Dade from past many years. You can also request a free no-obligatory quote.

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