There are several factors that will decide how often your commercial facility needs cleaning, and the amount of cleaning that is required. Like restaurant premises will need a lot more detailed cleaning than an office. Even in a typical commercial space, toilets and break rooms will need regular cleaning. If you are a business owner, you must consider the types and frequency of cleaning task that best suits the requirements of your facility.

Daily cleaning schedule

It is common for a company to opt for daily cleaning on the working days. If you work 5 days a week then it should not be necessary to have cleaning done on Saturday and Sunday. It is also important to consider the incoming foot traffic. If daily hundreds or thousands of people visit your business then daily cleaning is essential. But, if you have quiet days then you can decrease the frequency of the cleaning.

Garbage removal

Dust bins should be emptied daily. You never know exactly what staff members and visitors will put in the waste bin, and there may be items that may rot and start smelling. Only by emptying bins and changing bin bags you can be sure that these items are removed. A cleaning service that comes around and cleans bins first thing in the morning should prove enough for a business with simple cleaning demands.

Cleaning time

A daily cleaning service can take care of dusting, ensuring the reception always looks perfect. As well as they ensure that kitchens and toilets are hygienic and sanitized. When using a daily cleaning service, you should consider the time the cleaners will perform their duties. Normally people schedule cleaning service for the end of the day or before the work hours start.

Weekly tasks

Window cleaning, wall washing and carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be completed daily. Carpet cleaning shouldn’t be a weekly chore either, and your cleaning schedule should include carpet cleaning on the weekends. Window cleaning may need that staff members are not near the windows, so your cleaning schedule should include window cleaning for weekends.

Hard floors

Hard floor cleaning should be part of your weekly cleaning schedule. Hard floors can start to look dirty once marks and scratches show up. Weekly cleaning reduces appearance of marks and allows the cleaners to be able to do the job while people are not at their desks or in the office.

Dust and risks

Desks, and particularly electronic and electrical equipment, collect dust quickly. Layer of dust not just looks unsightly but it also pose a hazard. Too much dust on your computers can make them overheat and may even cause fire.

Determine your cleaning schedule

Make sure your cleaning schedule matches the requirements of your office, your staff members and visitors. If you often entertain customers and visitors, or hold promotional offers and organize seminars, then you will need more regular cleaning to make sure that you are able to create a great first impression.

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