Carpet is an important part of commercial spaces. Besides being an alternative to concrete or tile floor, it can add warmth and elegance to your office, but like everything, carpets age with regular usage. They lose their luster and color, and look old and faded. When a carpet starts looking old too early, the problem usually lies with the lack of appropriate office carpet cleaning.

Your office carpet has to bear the impact of hundreds of feet every day and it naturally gets soiled with grime, grit, dust, dirt and allergens over time. Grit gets down to the base of the carpet fibers and grinds away at them causing damage to fibers. There are options like walk off mats and tiled entrance ways which can decrease the wear and tear on your carpets, especially during the winters.

So what to do when your carpet starts looking old and tired? Your first thought would possibly be to get it replaced with a new one. But as long as it is not totally worn out, you can clean it and restore it to a new-like condition. Besides, you don’t have to purchase your own cleaning products and tools for carpet cleaning. You can hire professional carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaners like Pro Facility Services provides carpet cleaning services at pocket-friendly rates.
There are many professional carpet cleaning methods. They are mainly divided into 2 categories: dry cleaning and hot water extraction.

Dry cleaning:

This method of carpet cleaning involves the use of specialized equipment (like rotary machine, brush applicator etc.) and cleaning chemicals to remove stains and dirt. As compared to hot water extraction this method is less labor-intensive and faster. However, this method sometimes leave chemical residue in the carpet.

Hot water extraction:

Hot water extraction is also termed as steam cleaning. In this method hot water mixed with a very small quantity of detergent (cleaning chemical) is sprayed on the carpet and then vacuumed out at the same time. Any dust, dirt and other particles freed are instantly removed by the vacuum. This is the most effective and popular method of carpet cleaning.

You can use any of the above mentioned cleaning methods. But specific method may be required depending on the number of stains and severity of discoloration in your office carpet. Thus, you should first talk to the carpet cleaning company to understand the most apt method for cleaning your carpet. A regular carpet maintenance program can significantly increase the life of your carpets which can save you huge amount of money.

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