It is not very rare to find a moldy sandwich in your office’s refrigerator. Even sometimes you hear about someone’s yogurt missing from the fridge or find a dirty dish lying in the sink for many days. You all will agree that office kitchen rules are needed to eliminate these unsanitary, disturbing and frustrating situations. If your office has a kitchen or a break room, you must create some basic office kitchen rules. Rules allow everyone in the office know what is expected from them and stop doing those awkward things. Even though every office is different, here we have created a list of general office kitchen rules that you can choose from to make an effective cleaning plan for your office.

  • Don’t consume too much space in the fridge. According to the number of employees you can decide how much space is right for you.
  • Always store your food properly. Use safe containers like Tupperware, keep items covered and clean up loose bits.
  • If you are planning a party or meeting and you will need fridge to store a lot of food, intimate your coworkers about the same. They need time to remove any extra food items they have kept in the fridge.
  • If you see rotten or moldy food in the refrigerator, inform the person whose label is there on the food or the person who is responsible for kitchen cleaning about the same.
  • Schedule refrigerator cleaning. It is important that every few days the fridge is cleaned and all the rotten and pungent smelling food is throw out.
  • If you use the last of a supply, replace it or inform the authorized or concerned person. This might include dish soap, paper towels, utensils etc.
  • If your food spills in the microwave, clean it immediately.
  • Use a lid when microwaving anything that might spill. You can also use a paper towel to cover the container.
  • If you spill something on the floor, or fridge or desk wipe it instantly. Don’t leave it for later, do it now.
  • Wash and dry plates and bowls instantly after use. Don’t leave them in the sink.
  • One simple rule is that one must not eat food that is not his.
  • Put labels on the food that you put in the refrigerator. If someone is keeping his personal meal in the fridge ask them to label it, also if you have kept something that everyone can enjoy then label it accordingly.
  • Make sure in every few days your professional commercial cleaning service cleans the refrigerator.

So, go ahead and follow as many kitchen rules as possible to ensure your kitchen is always looking and smelling great.

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