Nobody wants to believe that there are germs lurking inside their office right now. A space might look all clean and well-kept but run a microscope through some of the areas and you will easily see germs all over. Germs are not just a hassle, but they can also be hazardous to your health.

Here are some of the most common parts of your office you need to keep an eye on.

  • Common rooms

This is another area you should be careful with. At office, the rest room or common room is generally the area where the complete family congregates. Remember humans are the biggest carriers of germs. This means it is easy to transfer as well as infect colleagues who are in the same area. A simple item like a stapler is three times dirtier than most items in an office, thanks to the number of hands that touch it everyday.

If you find yourself chilling in a rest room with couches, then you must keep in mind that it is also a hub for bacteria and germs. For example, a couch contains millions of dead skin cells, generally at the arm rest section.

  • The kitchen

The kitchen is a thriving hotspot of hazardous bacteria. Some of the most common culprits include sponges which are a home for bacteria as well as food particles. It has dark cervices and it is usually moist, which makes it a perfect place for these things to thrive. Knobs, handles, kitchen island and even the drip coffee maker are guaranteed sources of these hazardous creatures too.

In offices, a variety of people use and touch the same things so, it could easily spread dangerous bacteria and disease without anyone knowing it. So, hiring commercial cleaning services becomes essential.

  • Toilet

Yes, this is not surprising that this is a part of the list. The toilet is a breeding ground for germs. Studies show approx. 1600 germs live on your toilet every 100 sq. cms. So, people using shared toilets in offices have to be careful. Companies hire commercial cleaning services to clean toilets as they can prevent germs from collecting. But, you must also practice a habit of replacing the toilet cover before flushing. Washing hands is also a great practice.

In your own way, you can maintain cleanliness by ensuring it is a priority in your commercial space. You can also take advantage of commercial cleaners in Miami-Dade or in other nearby areas too.

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