Do you feel sick at your workplace? What could be the possible reason? Is it your job that makes you feel dull, dizzy and tired? Or is it your office premises?
A number of employees suspect that it is their job that makes them feel sick. They even blame their co-workers for the same, but usually it is not the job or the people, but the environment and the surroundings in which they work. The office cleaning service is to be blamed for the same. From moldy ceiling tiles to filthy carpets and dirty handrails, offices throughout Miami-Dade and Broward are sick, causing workforce to suffer too.

The condition is so common that there is even a name for it. It is called “sick building syndrome” and it is serious. It all begins with indoor air quality, but your cleaning company also plays an important role in deciding the efficiency of your employees.

Signs of “Sick Building Syndrome”

Some of the common signs of sick building syndrome include throat irritation, stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Sometimes people also experience strange taste sensation, strange odor or skin irritation. This is generally due to poor ventilation and re-circulation of dust, mold or some other type of neurotoxic smells floating through the air ducts at the facility.

Don’t fret, commercial cleaning company like Pro Facility Services can help.
However, you might just want to know what to look for in your current cleaning company to avoid the above mentioned symptoms.
Here are some of the common questions that you must ask your cleaning service in order to find out where exactly the problem lies.

What Types of Chemicals do you Use?

If on entering your office you smell some strange and strong odors, then it could be due to last night’s cleaning chemicals. Constant exposure to such strong odors can make you feel sick and nauseated.

So, it is important that you ask your office cleaning service about the types of cleaning chemicals they have been using. Make sure they use green and fragrance free cleaning products with low VOCs. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are compounds that easily evaporate creating smells. And these smells may cause allergies or headaches. Remember, an office does not need to “smell clean” to be clean.

What Type of Vacuum do you Use?

Symptoms of sick building syndrome can mean that your cleaning service is not using an effective vacuum cleaner. Reputed janitorial cleaning services use a backpack vacuum with HEPA filtration.

Without a HEPA filter, they might be blowing dangerous micro-dust and dust particles directly into the air. HEPA vacuums, like the ones used by Pro Facility Services, remove 99.97% of dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens, so you can sit back and relax at work without worrying about the presence of dust and dirt particles in the air you breathe. The backpack vacuum is more flexible in getting to high places like air vents and hard to reach corners.

How Often do you Dust and What are You Using for Dusting?

When it comes to dusting, the only acceptable answer is microfiber. Every day clothe rags or feather dusters are not at all comparable to the enduring results delivered by the high quality microfiber cloth. But the weave and brand of microfiber also matters, so it is important to know if your cleaning service uses the class and weight of microfiber specified for hygienic cleaning and the removal of dust, dirt, germs and other contaminants.

By asking these questions to your cleaning company and listening to their answers you can get a better understanding about their services and find out why your employees are not enjoying their work and what can be done to make your office space a happy place again.

If you have any questions about “Sick Building Syndrome” and how Pro Facility Services can help? Feel free to give us a call now.