In a survey it was found that the cost of employee sick days stands at about $536 per worker per sick day. As a result, it makes all the sense to do everything you can to ensure good health of your employees.

As experienced cleaners in Wellington, we are experts in ensuring that the commercial spaces we look after are not just dirt free but germ free too. And central to that is keeping on top of kitchen bugs.

  • Foodborne Disease

With many people preparing food on kitchen counter and leaving your kitchen counter messy, your office kitchen can become a breeding ground for bugs. Give chopping boards, clean the remains of food every evening, disinfect regularly and pay for commercial cleaning in Wellington.

  • Spoiling or Expired Items

It is not uncommon for an office to keep a variety of condiments and types of milk to suit employees’ dietary needs. It is also not rare for those to rot in the fridge or left spilling on the kitchen counter. Better safe than sorry is the approach that should apply here. Check the use expiry or best before dates on perishables on a regular basis and throw away anything that has been left unattended on the kitchen table, as a warm office environment is a breeding ground for bugs and illness.

  • Get a Dishwasher

Dishwashers operate at high heat, killing off germs and bugs that might be lurking in office dishes or cutlery. Instead of risking staff doing a poor dishwashing job, get a dishwasher and ensure germ free and clean dishes always. Making wipes and hand sanitizing lotion easily accessible in kitchen can also help establish good hygiene habits.

  • Clean the Fruit in Your Fruit Bowls

A number of offices have replaced muffin platters or cookies to healthier options like fruit bowls. Keep things hygienic by washing all fruit delivered by your vendor or you brought from home.

  • Get your Kitchen Carpets Cleaned Regularly

If your kitchen floor is carpeted then it is essential to get it professionally cleaned regularly. Only vacuum cleaning is not enough to ensure that your carpets are completely clean and free of any type of allergens. The food particles resting on the carpet surface can be breeding ground for illness causing bacteria and germs.

By following these practices ensure complete kitchen hygiene and you may just find that those office sick leave claims reduce significantly. Certainly, no one cleans a commercial kitchen like a Commercial Cleaning company, so for office cleaning services in Wellington, give Pro Facility Services a call.