Business owners and office managers must do their homework when hiring a janitorial cleaning service to clean your office. It is well known fact that not all comercial cleaning companies serving the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach are the same. Only the most reputed and established company can provide you satisfactory services.

As a result, business owners are at a risk of experiencing the poor quality, and a lousy customer service experience, unless they carefully look at the credentials of the service provider. At Pro Facility Services, we encourage business owners to ask the following questions when selecting a professional office cleaning company.

  • Types of services you provide? It is important to find out if the company only serves business owners or home owners or both. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services then it is essential that you hire a company that specializes in commercial cleaning. Usually the companies that promise the world or give vague answers fail to keep up to the industry standards and you should take it as a warning sign. It is best when the janitorial company can tell you exactly what they do and what approach they take.
  • What types of customers do you have? This question will assist to find out if the company has experience in offering janitorial services to business like yours. If your office is very specialized and you have tools or gears that need dusting or probably polishing, it is best to ensure the janitorial company has experience of serving businesses like you.
  • For how long have you been providing cleaning services? Since janitorial cleaning products are comparatively inexpensive, a number of people buy some disinfectant, window cleaner and rags and start providing services to business owners. Usually, such type of businesses flop quickly because the owners fail to understand the importance of proper knowledge and training before providing these specialized services.

At Pro Facility Services, we specialize in commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning services and have experience of cleaning office building, educational facilities, medical facilities, government buildings, shopping centers and more commercial facilities. We are committed to providing janitorial services to customers across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Give us a call now to know more.