When we talk about facility managers, asset preservation is always high on their list of priorities. They are responsible for hiring the companies that will care for the building cleanliness and assets. When cleaning services West Palm Beach are required, it is their job to see that they are done in an efficient and cost-effective way. They assess damage, deciding if it has happened due to normal wear and tear or tenant.

All of these responsibilities relate directly to the preservation of the commercial building and its assets. Some of those assets include the fixtures, carpeting and hard surface flooring. The assets within a building have a life span, but are you ensuring that they are at least meeting, if not exceeding their anticipated lifespan? Below are some tips that will contribute to your building’s asset preservation, saving money and time in the long run.

Asset Preservation: Carpet

Carpeting is a major investment, especially if you have a huge area to cover. So, it is in your best interest to make the carpet last as long as possible, so you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to replace it earlier than you expected.

Your cleaning services West Palm Beach might be doing the daily cleaning, but are they equipped to do the maintenance that will assist increase the life of your carpets? A reputed company not just provides yearly deep cleaning, but they customize a schedule for periodic maintenance cleaning for high traffic areas that get soiled quickly. With scheduled maintenance, you can ensure to keep your carpets looking like new for long.

Asset Prevention: Windows

Maintaining your building’s windows involves a lot more than just keeping them clean. Definitely, you want to look them clean, but you also want them to give services for many coming years. Failure to properly clean the frames, seals and tracks can result in expensive repairs and increase your energy bills too.

Asset Preservation: Hard Floor Surfaces

Hard floors, when given proper care, can last for many years. By not maintaining them properly, you will end up spending a lot by replacing your flooring. Your janitorial service must be able to keep your hard floors free of debris and clean and provide suggestions to protect them from traffic and damage.

When you are looking for a commercial cleaning company, be sure that the team is trained in hard floor care. Also, make sure that they have right equipment to care for many different types of hard floor surfaces like: wood, vinyl, rubber, concrete, stone and ceramic tile.

It is important that you preserve your assets and investment by partnering with cleaning services West Palm Beach that won’t just keep it clean, but also help you to create a schedule for more intensive maintenance that will help you in asset preservation. For details, free to contact us.