If you own and operate a small business without any cleaning help, you must be aware of the fact that how complicated it can be to be on top of the office cleaning basics. Bringing your employees or colleagues together to do their bit with the bathroom maintenance, recycling and hovering is almost impossible and as a small business owner- chances are you have even less time to keep your commercial facility spick-and-span.

But, appearance counts. If you want to impress potential customers, make a good first impression in front of visitors as well as keep morale of your team high. A well-kept, clean office is a must. Commercial cleaning is, of course, essential, but it is often the little things which can actually get on top of small businesses, resulting in an overall build-up of dirtiness.

Here are the 5 small things you should schedule in commercial cleaning to make sure that your office is a clean and spotless working environment.

  • Computer Towers

Whether they are kept on top of desks or under, computer towers are dust magnets. This not only makes your office look unkempt, it can also be a threat for allergy sufferers. Also, excessive dust build-up can affect the functioning of your equipment.

A simple duster will assist keep computer towers dust-free, but make it a point to get behind the machine and between the wires to give it a thorough tidy-up. You may wish to turn off and unplug your CPU while cleaning in order to clean it better and make sure that you don’t lose any unsaved data as you dust.

  • Keyboards

For office employees, keyboards can get very dirty, very quickly affecting morale and looking unprofessional. Many commercial cleaners give keyboards a wipe to remove stickiness and debris, but one must also consider giving keyboards a deep clean at least once every few months.

  • Stock Rooms

Usually home to cleaning supplies, damaged whiteboards and highlighter pens, stock rooms are usually the most ignored area of an office. Your customers may not see the dirty and messy depths of your stock room, but your staff will. The more organized and managed your stock room, the more efficiently you can run your business. Schedule a deep clean for stock room every six months to get rid of items that you don’t anymore and tidying it up.

Which commercial cleaning tasks do you struggle with? Here at the Pro Facility Services, we offer Pocket-Friendly Cleaning Services to businesses across Miami. For more details, feel free to browse our website or give us a call.