For many years, people have been using Ceramic, Porcelain and Mexican tiles to decorate and protect their floors and walls. Durable and reasonable, tiles are a key choice for business owners especially for common places like lobby, kitchen and bathrooms. However, maintaining a clean and shining look of your tiles seems to be a challenging task due to the dirt that develops in thin grout lines that hold the tiles in place. Regular cleaning is the solution. Dust, dirt, mold, mildew and stains can easily deteriorate the looks of the most beautiful tile in the absence of regular cleaning.

Clean tile grout involves sealing the grout with an impregnator or sealer at the offset. This process is generally conducted by the installer. In absence of sealing, the grout has more chances of getting dirty really fast especially if regular cleaning is also missing. The grout lines will repel soil and moisture for a long time when sealed well. Whether they are epoxy, sanded or non-sanded, it is still complicated to keep a clean tile grout. That is primarily due to the irregular and porous nature of grout, which is the key reason why maintenance of ceramic flooring is a complicated job.

The lobby is the place where grout can easily get affected with allergens like mold and mildew. It is the heavy footfall in the lobby that increases dirt and dust and exposes people to health problems. Clean tile grout won’t just bring back the shining and clean look of your tile back but it will also make sure that your lobby is a safe place for your employees and clients.

Mostly, people feel that it is the tile that has become dirty, but it is the grout that gets dirty. Grout is located slightly lower than the tiles as a result, dirt easily gets accumulated and the porous texture of grout makes cleaning a tough task. Maintaining clean tile grout is complicated also because soiling is a method that develops over time, a clear sign of the lack of maintenance. Without regular cleaning, there is no way that you can have a bright clean tile grout. Thus, it is important to begin now and keep up with regular cleaning.

As keeping a clean tile grout is not simple, many offices hire professional cleaning services that have the skills, equipment and experience to clean grout effective and efficiently. Contact Pro Facility Services today to have an efficient cleaning program that guarantees your lobby and the rest of the facility is clean and stays clean.

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