Before you realize it, it will be time to switch from the air conditioning unit to the furnace. Probably, you have already switched off your air conditioning unit. Here we are listing the top areas that we believe to be really important when preparing for winter as it is related to preserving the aesthetics and cleanliness of your commercial facility and improving the working environment for your crew.


  • HVAC Cleaning

When was the last time you opened your HVAC units and air ducts? If you can’t remember, then this is the right time to have a look inside your HVAC unit. You will definitely find allergens, pathogens, dust and other contaminants that have been deteriorating indoor air quality and inhibiting proper air circulation. Assist your team breathe a little easier by cleaning out ductwork, cold air returns and registers. As per the requirement clean or replace the air filters. Don’t forget about the ceiling vents, they also collect a lot of dust and if there are ceiling fans in your office space, ensure the blades are wiped clean.

  • Floor Care is Important

Moisture-laden slush, debris and road salt easily get caught in boots and end up getting inside the office premises, resulting in chalky, white stains. Dirty or wet floor surfaces can also be a safety hazard and the grime, dirt and chemicals can scratch polished surfaces and get trapped inside the carpet fibers, causing severe damage and reduced lifespans.

To assist prevent slip and fall accidents and the damage winter’s harsh conditions can cause, consider getting special exterior floor mats to assist capture most of the ice and snow before it gets inside the office, also get additional mats that increase well into the entryway to give more protection. In order to maintain your commercial carpets in winter you should get your carpets vacuumed regularly, also daily mopping of hard surfaces will assist preserve its look.

  • Give a Thorough Cleaning

Many companies provide assistance for employees to stay healthy, like flu shots, health assessments and more. It shows they care about the health of their team members and they also know that fewer sick leaves mean higher productivity. One of easiest and reasonable ways to prevent illness is to ensure the office space is free of hazardous bacteria and germs. Hire professional commercial cleaning service Miami to disinfect common areas like bathrooms, kitchens, doorknobs, desks and other germ hotspots.

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