A daycare facility or a childcare center must be clean in order to comply with government regulations for the safety and health of the children. Walls, toilets and even the ceiling must be inspected regularly, but people often forget to check the daycare facility floors.

Children spend most of their time on the floors playing with each other and toys, and if you are only mopping daily with some detergent then the floor may not be as clean as it should be. If the floor is carpeted, then it might be harboring with creepy crawlies and all types of allergens and a quick vacuum every few days may be leaving lots of debris and dust behind.

The Essentials of Daycare Facility Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning at daycare facility must be detailed and free of toxins. Some of the things worth considering are:

Carpet Cleaning

  • Vacuum every day
  • Disinfect at least twice a week
  • Deep clean every 4-6 months, in case of a major spill
  • Try wet vacuuming as it is more effective than dry vacuuming

Hard Flooring

  • Clean dirt and dust daily or several times in a day, depending on the requirement. Use a wet mop and disinfect highly used areas at last twice or thrice a week.
  • Use gentle detergent for cleaning after removing the dust
  • If using a vacuum with a filter, check frequently and change if required

The Consequences of a Dirty Floor

Managing everything at a childcare can be challenging. Looking after the kids in your care is a task in itself so when it comes to carpet cleaning you may have really tough time to clean it to the level that you would like.

However, the consequence of not cleaning the floor carefully can be huge and need to be taken into consideration when deciding your floor and carpet cleaning schedule. The children can fall sick. The diseases can range from simple cold to life threating asthma. Kids getting ill, means your business getting affected and as a result you can lose clients.

Isn’t it worth ensuring that your floors are properly cleaned and disinfected?

A simple solution is to hire floor care and commercial cleaning company, Broward

Professional carpet or tile cleaning for commercial facilities takes the trouble out of keeping floors dirt free. However, not every professional cleaning service is perfect for working in a daycare facility. When looking for an established commercial cleaning company, make sure you hire a reputed and established service provider.

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