Cross contamination is a term used to describe the physical transfer of dangerous bacteria from a place, object or person to another. It is a very common thing at the time of cleaning, as dirt and bacteria are subject to move from one object or place to the next object or place through the cloths used by your commercial cleaning service. Professional certified cleaners like Pro Facility Services focus on delivering advanced cleaning systems that prevent cross contamination in numerous ways.

Leading commercial cleaning services use color-coded microfiber cloths that are made in a way that dirt gets trapped on the cloths and it sticks there in a positively charged state. As a result, dirt and microorganisms can’t get transferred or relocated from the cleaners’ cloths onto other objects and surfaces they clean. It is a significant advancement in the cleaning process as it is mainly puts an end to moving bacteria from one place to another instead of removing them. It suggests end of inefficient cleaning.

It is not possible to avoid cloths getting contaminated with a number of bacteria, allergens and irritants that they come in contact with while cleaning. As this particular transfer can’t be controlled, Pro Facility Services uses cloths that don’t allow dirt to be released onto other surfaces or air. Pro Facility Services is committed to delivering clients with the best possible solutions in janitorial cleaning. We emphasize the use of efficient cleaning teams who become familiar with your property and know which areas need their attention more and what features of cleaning service matters the most for your commercial cleaning company.

Pro Facility Services delivers reliable and thorough cleaning always with the most effective and advanced cleaning equipment and products, like the HEPA vacuum, color-coded cloths to avoid any inconvenience or risk of health issues. Our dedication to providing only the best products, equipment and technology in the cleaning industry is reflected by our environmentally friendly solutions that do a lot more than protecting the customer; they also protect the environment and the property. Pro Facility Services uses cleaning products that don’t damage or erode surfaces but provide your furniture a longer and healthier life with a great shine.

The color-coded cloths to avoid cross contamination are one more advantage of working with Pro Facility Services. It also shows our commitment to developing cleaning techniques that are safe in every manner. We specialize in commercial cleaning and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the way we handle our commercial cleaning projects. For more details or to request a quote, contact us now.

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