Every business is complicated and has its own unique set of needs. With every commercial setup so unique, the question of how frequently to get your office cleaned professionally can be difficult, particularly for those offices that have unique circumstances that create higher cleaning needs. But, the look of your office has a direct effect on your employees as well as your clients, and even potential work force, so you should take cleanliness in your office very seriously.

According to a study, a clean commercial space encourages employees to be more efficient and increases the level of professionalism. Therefore, office cleaning is an investment in employee efficiency.

Now, coming back to the question that how often you should get your office cleaned? Well, there is no standard answer to this question, because there are a number of factors that you have to take into account in order to decide how often you should call your commercial cleaning company for the job.

Factors to take into consideration include number of employees, how large is the building, team size and what type of work is done on daily basis. All of these things add to the complexity of the question as to how frequently your office space should be cleaned by janitorial cleaning services. Besides, office cleaning is not an easy job, and at least some basic cleaning tasks should be done daily. By setting some cleaning jobs as part of your daily cleaning routine you can ensure that your office has a basic level of cleanliness that boosts effectiveness and well-being.

Some of the daily office cleaning tasks that should be on your list of daily cleaning routine include:

Cleaning and maintaining the employee restrooms, as they are one of the few places that have the highest foot traffic. Also, it is essential for sanitary and hygiene reasons. Actually employee restrooms have the highest level of bacteria and pathogens as compared to any other room in the office.

The employee break room is another area that needs daily maintenance. The cleanliness and hygiene of these two areas directly affect employee morale and well being. This means failing to keep these two areas clean and tidy could have an adverse affect on your employees.

Keeping entrance and parking lot clean is also really important because you get only one chance to create first impression. If not daily, consider getting these areas cleaned at least on a weekly basis or as and when you feel the need. Dirty floors can be uninviting and demoralizing. So, these too should be cleaned daily, if possible.

Taking out the trash is the third task that should be done with every office clean. Sometimes employees eat at their desk or place food and coffee in the trash receptacles. That’s why emptying the trash with every clean is important to minimize foul smells.

Daily cleaning will also assist to make sure that your important office equipment don’t suffer damage due to dirt and other pollutants. As a result, you can ensure that your computers and other devices don’t malfunction due to dust in the office. Computers keep failing due to dust being collected all the time through the ventilation grates.

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