Cleaning a walk-in freezer is a tiresome and difficult task. If not done correctly, the temperature controlled storage area that holds thousands of dollars of food can be an environment for mold growth, which can further spoil the unit and the food stored inside.

Maintaining the freezers is a daunting task. However, if you know a few tips and practices for cleaning and maintaining, it is no longer a difficult task.

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Keep the freezer clean of dirt, spills and spoiled products

The easiest way to clean a walk-in-freezer is cleaning it regularly. Make sure it becomes a part of your regular cleaning schedule, and it is done every day at the end of the work. Any spills, mold growth, spoilt food should be addressed instantly to prevent any filth from accumulating in the freezer making it a more difficult task to clean.

Say NO to harsh chemicals and use soap and water to clean:

When cleaning your walk-in freezer, make sure you use only soap water to clean the interiors. Mix equal parts of soap and water to prepare the cleaning solution. Harsh cleaning solutions contain chemicals which can damage the interior metal parts of the walk-in-freezer, leading to costly repairs and maintenance in the future.

Clean the condensing coils and evaporator twice a year to ensure decent functioning

It is essential that the commercial cleaning company you hire should take care of the condensing coils and evaporator of your walk-in freezer. The cleaning team should give them a good scrub with the soap solution and a stiff bristle brush. Cleaning condensing coils and evaporator at least twice a year is essential. By maintaining it this way, the transfer of warm air into the walk-in-freezer remains minimum.

Inspect the drain lines with the help of a cleaning team

The time-to-time inspection of the drain lines is essential to make sure the commercial kitchen’s walk-in-freezer works efficiently. Allowing debris to accumulate in the drain lines can lead to clogging and might lead to extensive repairs. Schedule a periodic appointment with a certified technician to keep your drain lines clean so that your walk-in-freezer works effectively.

Check The Walk-in-Freezer Settings Daily

Always monitor the temperature of your walk-in-freezer daily. Temperatures might vary depending on the foods you have stored. So, make sure you put normal temperatures so that the products in the freezer remain fresh. Inspect hinges and door frame at least once every quarter to avoid mold growth. Mold is a constant threat to any walk-in-freezer. A small variation in the temperature can provide an environment for mold to grow on some products and the interiors of the walk-in freezer. Apart from checking the wall and floor for grime and mild growth, also inspect door hinges and frames of the unit.

Follow these tips for cleaning the walk-in freezer effectively. For extensive cleaning, consult commercial cleaning services South Palm Beach to keep your space clean always.