Dusty and dirty office spaces can wreak havoc on the health of staff and customers- from causing sneezing, wheezing and irritation to aggravating asthma.

This might sound strange but 50% of asthma sufferers are also sensitive to house dust mites, which can flourish in any dusty corner. Thus, keeping your work space as clean as possible is important if your business is keen to keep employees, customers and other visitors happy and comfortable.

And it is not only dust and dust mites that are problematic: there are a number of substances which can accumulate in less-than-spotless spaces and trigger allergies- from pollen to mold. To start making your office allergy-free, below are a few allergy-busting tips.

  • Choose Natural Cleaners

Ironically the issue with cleaning with allergy-prevention in mind is that sometimes the cleaning products you use can trigger irritation, which has allergy-like symptoms like watery eyes, wheezing and sneezing. To be surer that you don’t irritate while fighting allergies, switch to natural cleaning products.

  • Cut Down on Clutter

Commercial facilities can easily get cluttered during busy days and weeks, but clutter is a main dust magnet. The less clutter in your workplace, the simpler it is to maintain cleanliness and keep surfaces dust-free.

  • Vacuum as Often as Possible

Floors are the second worst dust collectors, after clutter; that is why vacuuming as regularly as possible is important. But not all vacuums are same- some do a good of disturbing and redistributing dust as you work, making the conditions worst for allergy sufferers. Ensure that you choose a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to vacuum effectively.

  • Don’t Avoid the Extras

Maintaining an allergy-friendly office is not only about cleaning- it is also about taking other obvious steps to keep everyone comfortable: from cleaning windows and AC ducts, to get rid of dust and dirt. Also, make sure that all the office equipment and furniture is cleaned and dusted regularly. Wherever possible, go for furniture that is made of leather, metal, plastic or wood, as they are easy to clean and maintain. For upholstered furniture, remember to vacuum it regularly and wash it as often as possible.

Follow these simple tips and you can make your office space a more comfortable environment for allergy and asthma sufferers. Obviously, following a demanding cleaning regime is not easy while also trying to run a business – but that’s where Commercial Cleaning Miami Lakes company- Pro Facility Services come in.