Can you see white flakes swiftly flying in your office? Could your employees draw “pie charts” on the conference floor? Have you found white dust amassed around your front door or piled up on your window sills? We are going to go ahead and guess that instead of a snowstorm, you are facing the aftermath of a major office construction project. The white dust that gathers during construction can be devastating in its scope and evasiveness. Fortunately, we are here to help. Continue reading to learn about post construction cleaning Palm Beach.


First, let’s start with the preparation work you should do before the construction work starts. This will make the following steps a lot easier. The secret to easy construction cleaning is to contain control the dust as best as you can. To start, protect your floors by putting down a layer of thick plastic. For better protection, add protective panels of plywood or a later of foam-board insulation. If you are covering carpet, use a layer of kraft paper along with the two layers of thick plastic. Make sure you properly cover the edges and corners, so that dust can’t get under the protective layers.


Don’t leave all of the cleaning job until the end. Every day of the construction work, try to sweep up and vacuum the dust. This will prevent the dust from collecting up and decrease the chances of it travelling outside the construction area. Also, make sure that you keep the air filters clean.


Once the construction gets finished, start with the construction cleaning in a more detailed way. Begin from the top of the room, as the dust will fall and settle as you work. You will have to clean the walls, window frames, door frames, doors, fans and crown molding. For this, use a damp towel. Then continue cleaning towards the floors, by eventually cleaning lower and lower. Vacuum the dust on the floor and remove the protective layers from carpet and other surfaces. You will have to vacuum a few more time to completely get rid of the construction dust.


Lastly, don’t hesitate to call in the pros. Construction dust can be a huge problem, especially if you don’t have the right tools or you suffer from allergies. If you need to clean up post construction in Palm Beach or surrounding areas, do yourself a favor and call Pro Facility Services. Pro Facility Services is a renowned name when it comes to post construction cleaning Palm Beach.