Schools have an important responsibility of not just making students learned and smart, but also keeping them safe from sickness. It surely is difficult to prevent the outbreak of illness that takes place every year. But, by targeting the top germ hotspots in schools you can surely ensure safety and well-being of your students as well as teachers and other staff.

Follow the below mentioned tips to determine where to find the germ hotspots and what to do about them.

Top Germ Hotspots

A study was conducted by the University of Arizona to find out the areas which are most likely to be germ hotspots.

This might shock you, but the cafeteria table was found to be the most contaminated site in the school. Below are some of the other germ hotspots.

  • Computer Keyboard and mouse
  • Library table
  • Water fountain
  • Faucets in the bathroom sinks
  • Bathroom paper towel dispenser handle

The one thing that is common in these areas is that they are all common areas, which means everyone in the school has access to them. This clearly indicates that better preventive steps and more education about the prevention of germs in the school are essential.

Teacher’s desk is another germ hotspot. In fact, it was found out that amongst all the studied professions, teachers had the germiest work spaces of all. Again, teacher’s space is accessible to all the students too, so this is not really shocking.

In addition, attention should be paid to the common suspects- floors, hand rails, light switches and doorknobs.

Germ Hotspot Education

The best way to reduce the concentration of germs is by spreading the awareness.

  • Push Sanitizer: Encourage students to use sanitizer. Teachers can keep them next to the box of tissues to ensure students use it without a miss. You can also consider installing sanitizing stations around the school. Don’t forget to put sanitizer next to the lunch line with signs telling the students to use it before getting their lunch.
  • Place Signs: Put signs mainly in bathrooms, to remind students to wash their hands, along with directions for complete germ removal. Put these signs not just in the bathrooms of elementary schools, but children of middle and high schools also need a reminder. A study was conducted on middle and high school students and it showed that only half of the students washed their hands after using the washroom.
  • Disinfect all Through the Day: Hire a day porter and get the germ hotspots wipes throughout the day. Although, a class might begin out clean, the germs collect as the day goes on. In a study, 13.6% of the surface swabbed in the morning, showed the presence of the Influenza A virus and this number increased to 50% by the noon. A mid-day cleaning will assist keep everyone healthy.
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