The holiday season is fun but hectic. You have to prepare for family dinners as well as attend dinners at your family and friends’ places, buy gifts for everyone especially kids and prepare your home. But that is only about your personal life. Your professional life can also get hectic during the holiday season. There are a number of things that need your attention and you have to manage everything due to limited staff.

One important thing that should be managed in your office is commercial cleaning. Not all commercial spaces are same; as a result you should be very communicative with your commercial cleaning company to ensure they understand your requirements. That way, this important part of your office maintenance will continue as normal. You will be able to ensure that the office remains clean and healthy to keep your staff members productive during the busy season.

Talk to your janitorial cleaning company or office cleaner directly

Every commercial facility is different. Some are open 365 days a year no matter what while some offices are closed for 15 days during the festival season. There is no way for your cleaning company to know such details if you won’t tell them.

Your holiday routine could affect your present schedule you have in place with your janitorial cleaning company. This won’t just affect the number of cleaning days but also the tasks that your cleaners are doing. By working closely with your cleaners and speaking about the holiday hours and the cleaning services you expect during holiday season, you both can have a smooth experience.

Check what’s in your office fridge?

It is important to have a good look inside your refrigerator. Check if it is just everyone’s lunch for the day or there are lunch packs lying there from days or weeks? If there is leftover food in the fridge, take a look for anything worth dumping. If your office will be closed for 15 days, are you going to want to leave half an avocado, or cut salad in there? Maybe not.

If your cleaners are responsible for cleaning your fridge, make sure they do clean it regularly and keep it clean and fresh smelling always.

Don’t leave your garbage unhandled

Garbage bins are another piece of your office that is easily overlooked. If you will be working during festival season too, then the garbage should be taken out at regular intervals. Again, this is something that you should discuss with your cleaning company. But, if your office will be closed for 15 days, then make sure all the garbage is handled before everyone leaves.

Although the holidays are tiresome, ensure you are taking good care of your health by taking care of the cleaning services your office will need during the holidays. A short discussion with your commercial cleaning company Miami can help you ensure that your office is kept up to a standard you expect.

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