While you are busy finishing a project at your workstation, a group of ants might be working to organize a nice lunch treat in your trash can. The mere thought of ants and bugs is disturbing and gross. The fact is, even so called clean commercial spaces can be intruded by pests. The most popular pests found in commercial facilities are bedbugs, mice and cockroaches. In search of warm place, food and water, these troublemakers can show up in your office, reproduce and wreak havoc.

Continue reading to find out how to get rid of office pests and ensure complete hygiene and cleanliness in your office.

What to do about office pests?

  • Determine problem areas: First, it is essential that you determine what are the most common spots in office that are frequented by pests. Trashcans and kitchens are common problem areas as they generally contain food. You can also find pests lingering in bathrooms due to water. Start by looking for any cracks in the surfaces where these pests might be slipping inside. Once you find the problem area, you can seal it.
  • Use pesticides: If you are getting troubled with insects, use pesticides in common pest spots. Do this on weekends or after working hours, so that your team members won’t be bothered. Also, make sure you go for environment friendly pesticides.
  • Make everyone aware: Keeping office clean is possible with the team effort, so it is important that you make everyone aware of the pests and tell them about the importance of keeping their workstations clean and clutter free.
  • Clean up: Not all pests arrive in your office because it is dirty, but it is very rare to see pests in regularly cleaned offices as compared to dirty ones. So, it is essential to do the following:
    Regular Dusting
    Keeping all of your water and food contained and well stored
    Regular disposal of trash
    Refrigerator cleaning at least once every month
    Keep all your dustbins covered
    Clean all stains and spills immediately
    Remove clutter
    Or better hire commercial cleaning services to do the work for you.
  • Contact the professionals: If the issue is more serious than spotting a group of ants or a cockroach, contact the professionals. Contact a reputed service provider.

No one likes dealing with cockroaches, spiders or ants when working on a crucial task. The secret is to address any issues instantly and keep your commercial facility clean so that pests won’t be tempted to enter your office.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company is an effective way to ensure that your office is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. If you live in Miami-Dade, Broward County, Palm Beach Cities, Counties and Municipalities and you are worried about pest problems, give Pro Facility Services a call. We provide an array of commercial cleaning services and will customize a cleaning program for you that will meet your needs and budget.

Image Source: pixabay.com