Even after taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene, promoting hand washing habits in employees and giving employees sick leaves to prevent infection in office, the workplace can still be a bastion for disease causing germs. There are hundreds of people in a confined space, touching surfaces that others will also come into contact with. It provides a perfect setting for the spread of flu, cold and infections. When the flu and cold that are spreading all over, hit your office, more employees will get sick, unless your commercial cleaning service Miami is on it. Your office cleaning service is the best line of defense to stop the spread of seasonal illness, reduce transmission of common, communicable diseases and keep your office healthier.

Is your commercial cleaning service in Miami doing everything they should to keep your workplace healthy and lessen the spread of disease?

In a recent workplace microbial study it was found that telephone receivers, mouse, computer keyboards and desktop surfaces carry more germs than restroom toilet seats. A commercial office cleaning company should understand cleaning for health, hotspots and touch points and crucial cleaning concepts like dwell times. Commercial cleaning companies must train their teams on safe and effective chemical use and the best techniques that can lessen the spread of disease causing germs. Absenteeism costs companies more than $225 billion dollars every year and results in as much as 54% loss in productivity. Bad cleaning is not just gross, it also costs you money.

Hotspots are critical in cleaning for health. Is your commercial cleaning service acquainted with them? Hotspots and touch points are areas throughout your facility where countless hands and fingers come in contact leaving and taking away disease causing germs. Think business machines, stair railings, door handles, mouse, phones and more. These are the most germ laden things in an office. And if these things are left uncleaned and poorly cleaned, they become the perfect areas for the transmission of communicable disease. If your commercial cleaning company is unfamiliar with the importance of hotspots or inconsistent about the special attention they need, your employees are expected to transmit and catch more diseases, which converts directly into higher absenteeism, reduced engagement, decreased productivity and satisfaction.

The reputed commercial cleaning companies understand cleaning for health. They are aware of touch points and hot spots. They know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. So, when hiring a commercial cleaning service for your Miami office, you should emphasize on hiring a reputed and established cleaning company that is trusted by more business owners like you.

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