You understand the importance of maintaining a clean office space, so you hire janitorial cleaning Palm Beach company. But have you ever though what is the key reason for hiring a professional team to conduct a thorough cleaning of your office? Whether you are more concerned about the appearance of your facility, or is cleaning for sanitation and health your key motivator?

Cleaning for appearance vs health

For many, cleaning is just a service not an investment for the health of the inhabitants and the visitors of the facility. If they feel that the appearance of the building won’t be compromised, they may reduce the frequency of service in order to cut down on janitorial cleaning Palm Beach services. Sure, the office might look clean, but is it actually sanitary? Will the cut down in services affect the health and well-being of the employees?

Yes, it will. Cutting costs by decreasing the number of visits by the janitorial cleaning company, you will simply create a welcoming environment for communicable disease and allergies. This will also decrease the productivity of your team members.

Idea of cleanliness

Obviously, appearance is important and regular cleaning by janitorial cleaning company can assist to create a positive impression on staff as well as clients and visitors. Two important areas where cleanliness is most important are the restrooms and entryways. Obviously you want these areas to look as clean as possible, they are public areas of your office, and everyone will notice if they are not well kept. It is essential to keep the corners free of debris and cobwebs, your entrance door free of smudges and the carpet in the reception stain free, similarly you want the restrooms trash to be managed and the basins cleaned and stain free.

However, the appearance of cleanliness in these areas doesn’t mean they are actually clean. A good janitorial contractor will ensure that all the areas are not just cleaned but sanitized and disinfected. This will protect visitors and employees from harmful contaminants and bacteria.

What is the effect of air quality on building occupants?

Air quality is another factor that you should take into consideration. The quality of the air you breathe is not something you can see, but it can surely have a negative effect on the occupants of the building. According to EPA, 2-4% of performance loss is caused due to lack of ventilation or pollution in the air of the facility.

A skilled janitorial contractor will ensure that the breathing air in your facility is pollutant-free. They use HEPA vacuums that keep allergens and dust to a minimum.

A skilled janitorial cleaning company can create the right balance between appearance and sanitation. Pro Facility Services is a renowned name when it comes to janitorial cleaning. For more details, feel free to contact.

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