The first thing that customers and employee see when judging the cleanliness of your business are the FLOORS!! So keeping them clean and shiny makes a strong positive impression.

High traffic areas generally attract huge quantities of dust, wear and deep scratches, which can soon affect the finish and the appearance of a main flooring area. Office spaces with highly polished floors are particularly at risk to build-up of wax, which can soon lead to unappealing and yellowish discoloration. This is most common on VCT floors (Vinyl Composite Tile). This is the typical shining hospital, grocery or retail store that is commonly used in offices.

VCT Floor stripping and waxing is generally a great initial process in keeping up the look and shine of a solid floor. Each and every floor is completely unique and will need proper care and maintenance to maintain its overall look. Although, a vinyl, hardwood or stone flooring can be very resilient to most foot traffic, over time any floor will need the right attention and care to preserve its shine and sturdiness.

Depending on the type of business and the volume of foot traffic, a floor stripping and waxing process is generally recommended and the proper frequency can vary from monthly to annually, depending on foot traffic. And whether you are in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach, you can easily hire respected services of commercial cleaning companies like Pro Facility Services to keep your floors gleaming.

What does floor stripping and wax service involve?

Stripping: Professionals use an effective floor scrubber to remove the old layer of wax, sealer and other build-up. Stripping of the floors allow to remove all the old wax, dirt and grime, as a result, a bare floor surface is left behind. Floor stripping is a very popular approach used for a number of floor surfaces like slate, concrete, tile, marble and wooden with a wax finish. Each of the floor types have unique characteristics, which needs special attention.

Waxing: Water or oil based waxing solution is used to give enduring protection, usually with multiple layers to make a floor shine like new once again. A high, professional quality waxing can keep your floor clean and shiny for almost 5-6 years.

Refinishing a floor surface, whether it is VCT (vinyl), concrete or wood is one of the jobs that is best left to the professionals. So, if you were considering to this yourself, it is essential to assess the price involved in hiring the suitable heavy-duty tools, buying the required stripping and waxing solutions and the manual labor involved. It is also important to consider the possibility of spoiling a great solid floor. After considering these points, most businesses choose to contract the job out to an established commercial cleaning company.

Overall, a regular schedule of flooring stripping and refinish is an essential step to keep flooring at commercial spaces like medical facilities, schools, and offices clean and safe. Remember the look of your business premises, including the floor surfaces can talk volumes about a company and effect it can create on the bottom line.

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