We are usually suspicious when we use the public bathroom, thinking there must be thousands of germs and bacteria on the toilet seat and other surface. But, in a recent study it was found out that the bacteria level on computer keyboards is 5 times higher than toilet seats. The facts should be shocking enough and you thought washroom was the scariest place in the office.

Germs can be present in unexpected places. Your office cubicle and desk could be dirtier than you imagine. It is essential to do what you can to keep these areas clean. Here are a simple ways to protect yourself from invisible but dangerous enemies.

  • Store Snacks and Food Properly

You may be the type of employee who likes to eat at his desk. While there is nothing wrong in it, you also have to be responsible for cleanliness of your desk. Keep your food well stored in plastic containers instead of bags. Clean the desk after you eat to avoid attracting small flies and insects.

  • Wash your Hands Frequently

Hand washing is the simplest preventive measure against contamination. Doing this often can go a long way but some people don’t understand its important. Your hands touch hundreds of different objects and surfaces every day. Imagine all the bacteria you could get in contact with. Ensure to wash your hands especially before and after your meals and after using washroom.

  • Use Hand Sanitizer

The easiest way to protect yourself is by keeping yourself equipped. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you. Look for sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol as they help in killing germs. Alcohol is a drying agent, which decreases the amount of water or moisture in your skin where organisms can flourish.

  • Regularly Clean your Keyboard

As already said, your keyboard is a breeding ground of germs. So, it is essential to give it a little more attention. Cleaning your keyboard is very easy. Few things that you will need are: a can of compressed air, a cleaning solution and cotton swabs. Use compressed air to blow dust and dirt particles out from the nooks of your computer. You can also turn it upside down and shake or tap to remove crumbs and dust. Dip cotton swaps in cleaning solution to thoroughly clean surfaces and nooks.

  • Wipe Surfaces with Sanitizing Wipes

You don’t know what germs could be preset in your cubicle. Wipe your cubicle everyday with sanitizing wipes, preferably those containing 60% alcohol. Focus on your phone, mouse, keyboard and other surfaces that are often used by other people too.

So, start practicing these simple steps to germ-proof your office space. Doing these often won’t only protect you but also your colleagues.

Image Source: pexels.com